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|discs=Likely 27
|season=[[Episode Listing|All seasons]]
|season=[[Episode Listing|All seasons]]
|previous=Volume 8
|previous=Volume 8

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The Complete Series
The Complete Series.jpg
The package art shown on Amazon's page for Futurama: The Complete Series. [1]
For seasonAll seasons
No. of discsLikely 27
Region 110 December 2013 [2]
← Volume 8

Futurama: The Complete Series is a box set containing every episode and film of Futurama. It will be released in region 1 on 10 December 2013. [2]

The package art for the box set was revealed as late as 28 September 2013, when Fox Home Video revealed the set's original release date and suggested retail price. [2]



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