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|discs=Likely 27
|season=[[Episode Listing|All seasons]]
|season=[[Episode Listing|All seasons]]
|previous=Volume 8
|previous=Volume 8

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The Complete Series
The Complete Series.jpg
The package art shown on Amazon's page for Futurama: The Complete Series. [1]
For seasonAll seasons
No. of discs27
Region 110 December 2013 [2]
← Volume 8

Futurama: The Complete Series is a box set containing every episode and film of Futurama. It will be released in region 1 on 10 December 2013. [2]

The package art for the box set was revealed as late as 24 September 2013, when Fox Home Video revealed the set's original release date and suggested retail price, by the website TVShowsOnDVD. [2]



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