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|first appear={{e|6ACV26}} ("[[Future Challenge 3000|FC3]]")
|first appear={{e|6ACV26}} ("[[Future Challenge 3000|FC3]]")
|homeworld=Probably Galaxia
|homeworld=Probably Galaxia

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The Galaxians and Linda on Channel √2 News in September 3011 (6ACV26).Disputed canon
HomeworldProbably Galaxia
First appearance"Reincarnation" (6ACV26)
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The Galaxians are arachnids with yellow eyes, a red body, and purple legs. Linda mentioned them on Channel √2 News in September 3011 (6ACV26).Disputed canon

Additional Info


  • The Galaxians resemble the Aliens from the video game Space Invaders. Their name is a reference to the video game Galaxian, which was designed to compete with Space Invaders.


    Linda: Coming up next, Galaxians. What you need to know to protect your family.