General Colin Pac-Man

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
General Colin Pac-Man
General Collin Pacman.png
RelativesWife, Ms. Pac-Man
First appearance"Anthology of Interest II" (3ACV18)
Voiced byDavid Herman

General Colin Pac-Man is a Pac-Man character created by the What-If Machine. In the scenario created by Fry asking what if life were more like a video game, the residents of the planet "Nintendu 64" invade Earth, and the General asks Fry how to defeat them because he is an expert in video games. They and the rest of the Planet Express Crew travelled across a "Pac-Man-like maze" following the General. During the battle, the Lrrr's ship shoots him, and he died disappearing by folding over like in the Pac-Man games. Then his widowed wife came and cried.

Additional Info


  • His name is a pun, combining Pac-Man and General Colin Powell.
  • He and his wife made sounds ("waka-waka-waka") like in the video game while eating white balls in the maze.
  • He also died like Pac-Man, dispersing by folding himself up.