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*{{f|2}} (on [[Date scene|date]])
*{{f|2}} ([[Date scene|cameo]])
*{{f|4}} (in [[Audience scene|audience]])
*{{f|4}} ([[Audience scene|cameo]])
*{{e|6ACV12}} (at the [[100th Delivery Party]])
*{{e|6ACV12}} (at the [[100th Delivery Party]])
*{{clink|US#004|DOOP the Right Thing!}}
*{{clink|US#004|DOOP the Right Thing!}}

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Secondary character
Glab and the Neutral President.
Planet of originProbably Amphibios 9
ProfessionPresident of the DOOP
First appearance"Brannigan, Begin Again" (2ACV02)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Glab is a female Amphibiosan, probably originating from Amphibios 9, and the President of the Democratic Order of Planets. She announced the dedication of the new DOOP headquarters over the Neutral Planet and judged the trial accusing Zapp Brannigan for destroying it (2ACV02). In a What-If scenario, Glab was among the crowd mourning the death of the 500-feet tall Robot Monster (2ACV16). She also went out on a date with Yivo, a planet-sized alien (TBWABB), attended the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion ceremony (ITWGY) and the 100th Delivery Party (6ACV12).

Additional Info


  • All appearances Glab made after her debut were cameos.


    Glab: I'm going to allow this.