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Tertiary character
Hot dog vendor
Hot dog vendor handing a hot dog to a customer. (2ACV15).
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionHot dog vendor
First appearance"The Problem with Popplers" (2ACV15)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

The Hot dog vendor is a human male who sells hot dogs, across the street from Fry and Bender's Poppler Stand. Bender pretend to be the Guy who delivers the rat droppings, in order to get his customers.

Additional Information


One of his customers is Stephanie, who is the Mayor's Secretary.


    Fry: Hey, business is great.
    Bender: Ah, great is OK, but amazing would be great.
    [They look across the street and see a queue forming at a hot dog stand.]
    Hot dog vendor: Please, don't push, there's hot dogs for everyone.

    Bender: Hey, Mac, where do you want those rat droppings you ordered?
    [A man throws his hot dog down and the people in the line cross the road to the Popplers stand.]
    Hot dog vendor: Wait a minute. You're not the guy who delivers the rat droppings!