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Nixon addressing the humans

Home Planet: Earth


Humans are the main species in the galaxy. They occupy the planet Earth and are a major member of the DOOP. The human race has been enslaved by two different species the Omicronians and the Decapodians, and at least one other race in the past that paired off the smartest humans and forced them to mate for unknown purposes. The DOOP Army is mainly made up of humans. Human milk and meat are available, and other human-based products include Soylent Cola and Glagnar's Human Rinds. Human noses, known as "Human Horn", are considered an aphrodisiac, but their use for this purpose is highly taboo.

Many races such as the Parameciums and the robots of Chapek 9 dream to wipe out the human race but have yet to suceed.

Human milk in transit to unknown consumers


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