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{{character infobox |name=Humplings

Yo Leela Leela 3.png

|image text=From left to right: Garbly, Doingg, Princess Num Num, Feffernoose, and [[Lady Buggle] |species=Humplings |type=t |origin=Rumbledihump |birth date=unknown |age=Unknown |voiced by=Unknown

|first appear="Yo Leela Leela" (6ACV21)

|job=Reality TV characters |family=Other Humplings }}

The Humplings are a group of cartoonish and whimsical beings who inhabit the planet "Rumbledy-Hump". They were first introduced in season 6, episode 8, when Leela is trying to write a story to entertain the orphans after her first attempt failed. She "Invents" the characters Lady Bugle, Fethernoos, Doing, Princess Num-Num and Garbly. She gives them all different characteristics, and they sing moralistic songs in order to teach children lesson. Later in the episode, we figure out the the Humplings weren't of Leela's imagination, but actual beings which Leela used as her Characters.


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Lady Buggle: I'm sadder than an upside down smile.

Leela: Its called a frown

Lady Buggle: we didnt even have a word for that until now.