Hydroponic farmer

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Tertiary character
Hydroponic farmer
Hydroponic farmer.png
RelativesSee Family section
First appearance"The Series Has Landed" (1ACV02)
Voiced byBilly West

The hydroponic farmer works on a hydroponic farm on the Moon and has three robot daughters who he doesn't allow anyone to touch, although Bender was able to romance and impregnate the Crushinator (1ACV02). As a result, the farmer kept unsuccessfully trying to kill Bender. He thinks that Luna Park is a wicked and sinful place except for Tilt-a-Whirl. He carries a shotgun with him everywhere.

In 3010, he protested against the teaching of evolution (6ACV09).


Additional Info


    Hydroponic Farmer: I'll learn you to sleep with my robot daughters.

    Hydroponic Farmer: Looky here, city girl. Oxygen don't grow on trees.

    Hydroponic Farmer: Goddarn it, Crushinator. Jump!
    Crushinator: No, pa. I love him.