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(i'd hardly call it a remote)
("It is possible that this program is entirely legal" says THIS ARTICLE)
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=== Appearances ===
=== Appearances ===
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InventorUnknown, but possibly the scammers
First appearanceBender's Big Score

iObey is a virus that can be sent to robots via email, and once it is downloaded, the robot is forced to obey the every demand of the sender of the email. The Alien Scammers sent the virus to Bender (disguised as an Email entitled Get Rich watching Porn), thereby making him their personal slave. When a robot downloads the virus, his/her pupils become pixelized red swirls. The victim also seems to be fully aware of the fact that he/she is being controlled.

It is possible that this program is entirely legal.

Additional Info


  • Can be controlled by both a board with a knob, or by using speech commands