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== Fortnight 7, 2009 ==
== Fortnight 7, 2009 ==
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{{Infosphere:Featured article for fortnight 7 of 2009}}

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During the weeks 11-13 of 2006, featured articles were presented on a per week basis; this was followed by a brief hiatus of two months, after which it switched to a per month basis, as there weren't enough articles to fit a weekly article. As the wiki grew in size, the choice was moved to a per fortnight (14 days) basis instead. Which would mean twice as many articles per year.

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This page lists articles that were featured on the Main Page during 2008. If you have ideas for pages that should be featured, please add them on the nominations page.  

January, 2008

A season three caption

The title captions in Futurama's opening sequence, like The Simpsons' chalkboard, change with every episode and are always unique. As well as those that have been used for the episodes and films, the writers have released many others in the DVD special features.

February, 2008

Zapp Brannigan.png

25-Star General Major Webelo Zapp Brannigan is one of the most decorated commanders amongst the DOOP Army, he is known for his brilliant tactical mind that has lead him to victory against such enemies as the Retiree People of the Assisted Living Nebula and the peaceful Ball-People of planet Spheron 1. Brannigan's love of velour is outstretched only by his love for Leela, who after they first "crossed paths" has had to reject his advances each time they meet, no matter how much Champpaggin he offers.

March, 2008

Bender's Big Score.png

After a break of four years without any new episodes of Futurama, four films are being released. The first, Bender's Big Score, has been released in the USA and Australia and is due out early next month in Europe. In the film; the secrets of time travel are found on Fry's buttock and a group of scammer aliens takes control of Bender. Meanwhile, Leela finds true love and Hermes looses his body.

April, 2008

Mars uni.jpg

Mars University is a university located on Mars, which featured prominently in a similarly named episode. The university was established in 2636 and resembles the universities of the 21st century with lecture halls, fraternities, the universe's most comprehensive literature collection and featuring traditional foliage such as ivy, trees and hemp. The university has skilled educators such as Farnsworth and Wernstrom on staff and offers subjects such as 20th Century History.

May, 2008

H G Blob.jpg

Blobs are a species of jellyfish-like aliens of unknown origin who have settled on Earth and other nearby planets. Members of the species, the most notable of which is H. G. Blob, tend to be quick to anger and may solve their problems by eating them. Although eating annoying humans may just be a habit of H. G. and his family. The Blob digestive system is not a unidirectional system and anything eaten remains visible, and potentially alive, while being digested.

June, 2008

Kif gets knocked up a notch.jpg

Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch continues the relationship between Kif and Amy that first blossomed in A Flight to Remember on board the Titanic. Here, during an unscheduled detour from a delivery, Amy meets up with Kif and causes him to enter a receptive state, leading to his pregnancy. Amy has trouble adjusting to her role as Smizmar to her unborn children and even reconsiders the entire relationship.

July, 2008

War is the H-word.jpg

War Is the H-Word follows Fry and Bender into war on Spheron 1 as they join the army for the most noble of causes; cheaper gum. Unfortunately, the Spheroids prove to have plenty of chutzpah, leading to a closely matched battle for the Earthicans. Meanwhile, General Brannigan finds himself oddly attracted to Private Lee Lemon, another new recruit.

August, 2008

Future Stock.jpg

In Future Stock, the stockholders of Planet Express learn the true value of their shares is nothing and vote in a mysterious stranger as the new CEO, in hopes that he can turn the company around. When that guy takes control, the company's environment changes drastically, taking on the sleek, dazzling veneer of the 1980's. Under new management, the company appears to be a threat to one of Mom's business investments.

September, 2008

DOOP Logo1.png

The Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) is an interplanetary governing body headed by DOOP President Glab, similar to the UN in the 21st century. They hold negotiations, and have wars like most governing bodies, members can still act alone however. Many regulations are imposed on staff and citizens, such as Brannigan's Law and not being allowed to blow up DOOP property. The DOOP's current headquarters are located in Weehauken, New Jersey, Earth.

Fortnight 21, 2008


The Lovenasium is what Zapp Brannigan calls his Captain's Quarters on board the Nimbus. The room is decorated with Zapp's favourite things, pictures and sculptures of himself and plenty of velour, along with a floating bed, plants and a bar. During her visit here, Leela committed a regrettable act that seems to come up in conversation every time she sees Zapp.

Fortnight 22, 2008

Leela's Homeworld.jpg

Leela's Homeworld is an episode all about Bender's new waste management business. Additionally, there's a plot involving Leela finding her home planet. After being raised as an orphan and having long thought she was all alone, as the only one of her species on the planet, the truth came as a shock to her. Observant fans may have noticed a clue a long time before hand.

Fortnight 23, 2008

Dave Spiegel.jpg

Futurama has many rarely seen characters, among which are Dave Spiegel and his owner Fluffers. Dave is a pet that looks like, and might be, a human, whereas Fluffers looks remarkably like an anthropomorphic cat. Fluffers once entered Dave in a pet show, while they came in third; the 2nd place entrants were technically ineligible and the winner may have had an unfair advantage.

Fortnight 24, 2008

Futurama Returns.jpg

Towards the end of our time without new Futurama episodes, we finally learned that the wait would soon be over. At Comic-Con 2007, members of the cast and crew appeared, bringing with them a special edition comic; Futurama Returns. While the story therein was not canon, its message, that four new DVD films were coming, was true and so far three have since been released across the northern hemisphere.

Fortnight 25, 2008


As well as being the name of a certain Futurama Wiki, The Infosphere is also the name of a massive biological memory bank created by the Brain Spawn to catalogue all the information in the universe. Twice the size of three ordinary memory banks; the Infosphere was part of an almost successful plan to collect all information, then prevent more information from being created by destroying the universe. The ancient and powerful Nibblonians had set in place a plan, knowing that success would require something "special", or a lack of it.

Fortnight 26, 2008


Among the members of the Robot Mafia, none are more prone to angrily clamping things than Clamps. As one third of the Mafia's numbers, he does about half the gooning, and all the clamping, the group needs. His clamps are a rarely seen style of robot hand, that are apparently replaceable (Donbot offered to give Blotto a pair), and require regular maintainance. However this may be due to overuse.

Fortnight 1, 2009


The lost city of Atlanta is home to many things, such as Turner Field, the Coca-Cola bottling plant, a fabulous airport and mermaids, such as Fry's former girlfriend Umbriel, who is the daughter of the local mayor. Unfortunately the relationship fell apart because it turned out that while he loved her, he wasn't in love with her.

Fortnight 2, 2009


In Futurama's first adventure into plausible alternate realities, Anthology of Interest I, the What-If Machine reveals how different life could have been. A 500 foot tall Bender fights an even equally big Zoidberg in the streets of New New York. Leela goes on an impulsive killing spree. Finally, Mr. I'm-My-Own-Grandpa doesn't fall in the freezer tube, creating a universe ending paradox.

Fortnight 3, 2009

Planet Express Ship.jpg

Throughout their adventures the Planet Express Ship has carried the crew from place to place. The ship is one of the Professor's many creations and is capable of 99% light speed thanks to its Dark Matter Engines. The ship has all the features you would expect in a mighty spaceship, such as a bridge, a brain room, a turret, a bathroom and a sauna and has seen many battles.

Fortnight 4, 2009

Futurama Comic 33.jpg

Piracy, science and romance are the orders of the day in Attack of the 50-ft Amy. In the 33rd Futurama comic; Cubert and Dwight's attempt to use the Professor's inventions to win a science fair results in Amy growing to gigantic proportions, while Bender takes on the personalities of various movie characters after swallowing his movie collection.

Fortnight 5, 2009

Futurama Comic 34.jpg

In this issue of Futurama comics, as it leads to obedience, the Professor made the decision to try to get his staff into relationships. It is soon revealed that a star Fry had bought for Michelle was actually a planet and so made the decision to clone her so that he could live on Planet Michelle with her. In the meantime, Bender becomes a date doctor, but it doesn't take long for his clients to turn on him.

Fortnight 6, 2009

Santa Claus.jpg

Among Futurama's villains, none are more openly violent around the holidays than the incorrectly programmed Robot Santa. First constructed in 2801 by Mom's Friendly Robot Company. Santa makes his home in a Death Fortress at the North Pole of Neptune, where undersized Neptunians make toys and weapons for his yearly slaying.

Fortnight 7, 2009


Amphibiosans are the native sentient life on Amphibios 9. They are humanoid creatures that are smaller and lankier than the average human, have no bones and are instead supported by a system of liquid-filled bladders. Amphibiosans have three distinctive phases in their life cycle that they go through, the tadpole, the "bulboid" and the swarm of hookworms. Either gender is able to bear young, which after birth is left to grow in the swamp at their clan's birthing grounds for twenty years.