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== Fortnight 9, 2010 ==
== Fortnight 9, 2010 ==
{{Infosphere:Featured article for fortnight 9 of 2010}}
{{Infosphere:Featured article for fortnight 9 of 2010}}
== Fortnight 10, 2010 ==
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This page lists articles that have been featured on the Main Page. If you have ideas for pages that should be featured, please add them on the nominations page.  

During the weeks 11-13 of 2006, featured articles were presented on a per week basis; this was followed by a brief hiatus of two months, after which it switched to a per month basis, as there weren't enough articles to fit a weekly article. As the wiki grew in size, the choice was moved to a per fortnight (14 days) basis instead. Which would mean twice as many articles per year.

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Fortnight 1, 2010

The Series Has Landed.jpg

The Series Has Landed was the second episode created for the first production season of Futurama. It introduced the new crew of Planet Express to the rest of their co-workers and featured their first delivery. The crew, along with Amy, head to the moon to deliver a crate to Luna Park where Fry gets his first visit to another astronomical body and heads out to search for the original moon landing site with Leela. Meanwhile, Bender is kicked out of the park and Amy loses the keys to the ship. (more...)

Fortnight 2, 2010

The Farnsworth Parabox.jpg

The Farnsworth Parabox is the sixty ninth episode of Futurama and fifteenth of the fourth production season. In this episode; the staff of Planet Express find themselves transported to a bizarre, slightly different universe where coin-flip decisions have the opposite outcome. Farnsworth and his parallel self, having simultaneously performed the same crazy experiment, have created boxes containing each others universes. Before our crew can dispose of their box in the sun they wind up trapped in the other universe and have to chase Zoidberg and his blue counterpart across the multiple universes in order to save themselves and the other universe. (more...)

Fortnight 3, 2010

Opening Credits.jpg

The opening sequence of Futurama follows the Planet Express ship as it flies through the New New York skyline, where we see various vehicles, buildings, people in the Tube System and advertisements. The start and end of the sequence each feature sections that change in each episode; a title caption and cartoon clip respectively. The music used in the theme, composed by Christopher Tyng, features instruments rarely used on television. (more...)

Fortnight 4, 2010

The Day the Earth Stood Stupid.jpg

The Day the Earth Stood Stupid is the thirty-ninth episode of Futurama and the seventh of the third season. As a swarm of deadly brains fly through space towards Earth, the inhabitants are blissfully unaware, attending a pet show where Nibbler is declared "dumbest pet in show". This is proven incorrect shortly after Hermes points out a pattern of destruction leading straight to Earth. Nibbler rescues Leela from the brains as he leaves the planet to meet with his people, who proceed to explain that the only hope for the universe lies in Fry's superior, yet inferior mind. (more...)

Fortnight 5, 2010

Parasites Lost.jpg

"Parasites Lost" is the thirty-fourth episode of Futurama and the second of the third season. When the crew visits a truck stop on their way home from a delivery to refuel the ship and Bender, Fry stops by the men's room where he picks up an egg salad sandwich from the dispenser. Later, while fixing the boiler, Fry gets a lead pipe through his body, which is mysteriously cut through from inside before his body repairs itself. When the staff discover a city in his colon during Zoidberg's examination, they mount a mission to remove the worms, but Leela begins to fall for the new Fry. (more...)

Fortnight 6, 2010

Futurama Comic 45.jpg

"Anthology of Interest II" is the forty-fifth issue of the Futurama comic series. Much like the episode of the same name, this issue prominently features the What-If Machine. Unlike its counterpart, the issue features not three, but six scenarios. By the third scenario, the machine has begun to malfunction, inserting elements of previous scenarios. As the stories continue to unravel into each other, the Planet Express crew become aware of the fact that they are within the jumbled mess of scenarios and things start to get dangerous. Luckily for Hermes, he is safe in the conference room. (more...)

Fortnight 7, 2010

League of Robots logo.png

The League of Robots is a secret society of robots whose motto is "Kill all Humans". While the group may have originally worked towards this goal, they haven't killed any humans in 800 years. More recently, the league's time is mostly spent blathering whilst sitting by the fireplace drinking a variety of alcoholic beverages. Despite the group's former lack of action, they were the subject of a television program aimed at robot children, which is most likely what inspired Bender to join and change their methods. (more...)

Fortnight 8, 2010

The Deep South.jpg

"The Deep South" is the 25th episode of Futurama, which was produced for the 2nd season. When Hermes attempts to requisition a pet licence for Nibbler, he is instead sent a mandatory fishing license. As a result, the crew go fishing. Soon a Colossal-Mouth Bass is hooked by Bender and it pulls the ship to the bottom of the ocean, where they discover a long lost city inhabited by Merfolk. (more...)

Fortnight 9, 2010

Futurama Comic 36.jpg

"You Don't Wanna Know Jak!" is the 36th issue of Futurama Comics. While the crew are on a delivery to New England, a planet populated by English robots, Bender sets out to solve a mysterious string of deletions of fembots' memories. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Hermes, Amy and Zoidberg set out on an adventure of their own. After being found exploring the sewers, the mutants send them to the sub-sewers where they meet a freakish race of sub-mutants. (more...)

Fortnight 10, 2010

Easter egg 22.jpg

An Easter egg on a DVD or Blu-ray is a special feature that has been hidden somewhere amongst the disc's contents, usually within the menus. The majority of Futurama's releases have Easter eggs, although these are often a single image, the crew have also hidden table readings of episodes, specially recorded videos and large quantities of unused title captions. (more...)