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=== Next spotlight articles ===
=== Next spotlight articles ===
*'''Week 2 of 2014''': [[Curly Joe]]
{{next spotlight articles
*'''Week 3 of 2014''': [[David X. Cohen's head]]
|Curly Joe
*'''Week 4 of 2014''': [[Jackie Anderson]]
|David X. Cohen's head
|Jackie Anderson
|Father Changstein El-Gamal
=== Previous spotlight articles ===
=== Previous spotlight articles ===

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Shortcut for this article:

Spotlight is a process in which a mediocre article is highlighted per week, and all users of the Infosphere go together to work on it and make it as perfect as possible. The hope is that the article will reach the standard of a featured article by the end of the week.

To suggest future spotlight articles, go here.

Spotlight articles

Next spotlight articles

Previous spotlight articles





  • Week 1 of 2014: Brett Blob (before - after - change)