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In one of their most recent appearances (6ACV06).
InventorProfessor Farnsworth
Dr. Wernstrom
First appearance"Mother's Day" (2ACV14)

Killbots are Robots designed especially for killing, often as either in war (1ACV04), for assassinational needs (6ACV06), or property guarding (BG). They are not a specific kind of Robots per se, and there are multiple types by several different inventors, including Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Wernstrom, and Mom. Killbots are owned and used by both Humans and other Robots.

Technological details

Seeing as there are many types of killbots, the technological details vary, but all known types have some sort of weapon, for example gun, cannon, scythe or hammer, attached to their forearms. It is unknown if it is a equipment upgrade or a feature on a certain model, but they have seen shown to have a minigun in their chest, which fires continously and has caused them to destroy each other if they speak to each other.


For unknown reasons, a kill limit of 999,999 is hardcoded into killbots. Zapp Brannigan once faced a horde of these killing machines, and defeated them by sacrificing millions of his own men, until the killbots' kill limit was reached. When the kill-limit is reached, killbots become peaceful and in fact rather friendly. However, their kill counter has the option of being reset, which reactivates their ability and desire to kill.

Created by Farnsworth and Wernstrom

Their killbots appeared different from standard killbots. Despite their name, they don't like killing or aggression.

Created by Mom

These killbots, almost identical to the killbots Zapp Brannigan faced, start shooting immediately when hearing a word that has to do with weapons. Supposedly, this has been installed to easily activate the killbots on immediate demand, but it also causes troubles, including accidentally shooting each other or themselves when talking to each other.


Additional Info



    Bender: Ah, shoot!
    Killbot: Someone said "shoot"! [It fires.]

    Killbot 1: Awww we're gonna get fired.
    Killbot 2: Someone said fire! [It fires.]

    Killbot 1: Cease fire. Mom called off the attack, although I don't see how it's her–
    Killbot 2: Someone said howitzer! [It fires.]