Lando Tucker

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Tertiary character
Lando Tucker
Lando Tucker.png
Lando Tucker in the Planet Express hangar in 2961 (6ACV15).
RelativesSee Family section
First appearance"Möbius Dick" (6ACV15)
Voiced byDavid Herman
Not to be confused with Lando Tucker, Jr..

Lando Tucker was a member of the first Planet Express crew and the captain of the first Planet Express ship in 2961, being an equivalent to Leela. Professor Farnsworth described him as "a dedicated young man with no characteristics" in 3011 (6ACV15).


In 2961, Lando Tucker was digested by a four-dimensional space whale along with the rest of the first crew and, as the whale feeds on obsession, which is greater in a space captain, was extremely deformed. In 3011, however, the whale, piloted by Leela, set him free, but the effects of the whale sapping him of his energy still lingered, keeping him seemingly aged and attached to whale parts. This is because he never entered the "Möbius colon" keeping his colleagues young.



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    Lando Tucker: We'll deliver that package or die trying.

    Mrs. Tucker: Lando, don't forget about me and Junior.
    [Lando Tucker puts his right hand on Mrs. Tucker's left shoulder.]
    Lando Tucker: I won't, honey. [He puts his right hand on his chest.] Or die trying.

    Leela: Enough of your mad obsession with Bender, Fry! We've got to murder that whale or die trying.