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==Mentionable Members==
==Mentionable Members==
*[[Number 9 Man]]
*[[Number 9 Man]]
*[[Philip J. Fry]]
*[[Philip J. Fry]] (former)
*[[Hutch Waterfall]]
*[[Hutch Waterfall]] (former)
==Additional Info==
==Additional Info==

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The Legion of Mad Fellows
"Welcome, Bro!"
LocationNew New York/Mars
Organisation typeCult
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder

The Legion of Mad Fellows is a secret organization of mind-readers, and prophets of the new green age. They believed in the Arms Race of Evolution between the Dark Ones and the Encyclopods. One of their members, Philip J. Fry managed to stop Leo Wong's demolition of the Violet Dwarf Star.

Mentionable Members

Additional Info