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Planet of locationEarth
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder

Maxi-Padlock is a high-security woman's prison. It is a privately owned, full profit prison, though it cuts cost everywhere, especially on punishment, so they rely on the women to make prison unpleasant for themselves. The Feministas were sent here after the Earth v. Feministas case for resisting arrest, various protests and sabotages, and protecting the environment. Bender later helped the Feministas escape the prison, even though he was the one who put them in. Dixie and Trixie made Bender look like a hooker in order to try to distract the guards, which failed. For Plan C, Bender bent the wall of Maxi-Padlock, and they escaped.

Additional Information


  • Maxi-Padlock is a play-on-words, referring to a maxi pad (as it is a female-only prison) and a padlock, commonly used to secure prison cells.


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