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The ride on Luna Park. [7ACV26]
TypeTheme-park ride
First appearance"Meanwhile" (7ACV26)

The Mecha-Hexadecapus is a ride located at Luna Park on the moon. It resembles a large, mechanical octopus, and has sixteen "legs" with two seats attached to each. In 3013, Fry, Leela, Bender and Albert went on the ride, causing Bender to vomit many small nuts and bolts. [7ACV26] One piece got stuck in the gears of the ride, causing it to slam to a stop and resulting in Leela being flung out of her seat and through the dome protecting the park.

Additional Information[edit]


  • "Hexadeca" means sixteen. The ride has sixteen "legs".


    Ride operator: Hold tight! The Mecha-Hexadecapus is about to flail erratically into action!