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* {{w|Mobile app}} at [[Wikipedia]]
* {{w|Mobile app}} at [[Wikipedia]]
* [[Internet]]
* [[Internet]]
* [http://www.devbatch.com/ Mobile app development company]

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Fry's "find my robot" app. [7ACV18]

A mobile app (short for "mobile application") is a software application designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices. Mobile apps started to be commercialised in 2008.

In Futurama, mobile apps have been both mentioned and seen.

Mobile apps in Futurama[edit]

Additional information[edit]


    Bender: Fry?! How'd you find me?
    Fry: I used the "find my robot" app.
    Bender: Neat!
    What was it? 99 cents?
    Fry: No. Free. But it's got ads on it.
    Bender: That seems fair.

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