Mos Def Cantina

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Mos Def Cantina
LocationRing of Saturn, Sol System
First appearance"Zapp Dingbat" (7ACV05)

The Mos Def Cantina is a large bar that sits on the ring of Saturn. In 3012, Zapp Brannigan held a meeting with Admiral Chew and the Carcarons to arrange the signing of a peace treat known as the Treaty of Table 7. At the same time, Leela took her mother to the cantina (along with Fry and Bender) to cheer her up after just divorcing Leela's father, Morris. Zapp gets into an awkward situation wth the Carcarons, but Munda manages to get him out of it using her exolinguistics, thus starting a romantic relationship between the two.

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