Mrs. Beeler

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Tertiary character
Mrs. Beeler
Ben Beelers wife.png
Planet of originEarth
RelativesDr. Ben Beeler, husband
First appearance"Attack of the Killer App" (6ACV03)
Voiced byLauren Tom

Mrs. Beeler is the wife of Dr. Ben Beeler.

She is first seen in the line to the Mom Store in "Attack of the Killer App", but is not referred to by name. She speaks and is named in a deleted scene of that episode.

Her first appearance in a televised episode is in "Ghost in the Machines", at the Parade Day parade after her husband converses with a robot.

Additional info


    Dr. Ben Beeler: If I don't make it, tell my wife I love her!
    Mrs. Beeler: I love you, too, but you move too slow.