My Three Suns

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My Three Suns

Production Number: 1ACV07
First Aired: 5/4/99
AL1 Sightings: 4

The Story

Act I: "Going through the bot wash..."

Bender goes through an automatic robot wash, much like a typical car wash, while dancing and singing a modified version of the song "Going Through the Car Wash."

Act II: "A Mouthwatering Neptunian slug!"

Fry and Leela catch Bender watching Elzar's cooking show on the TV at Planet Express. Hermes tells him he has to start doing something or he's fired, so Bender decides to be the cook. He takes Fry and Leela down to Little Neptune to buy ingredients for his first meal. When they get back, the professor sends them on a mission to the planet Trisol in the Forbidden Zone, deep in the heart of the Galaxy of Terror. On the way Bender prepares a meal, which the crew finds inedible. When they arrive, Fry drinks a strange bottle of blue water - which turns out to be an Emperor.

Act III: "You drank our emperor!"

Having accidentally assassinated the Emperor, the Trisolians make Fry their new Emperor. Fry appoints Bender as his Prime Minister, and refuses to leave despite of Leela's warnings. Durring his corronation, the former emperor begins to glow and speak from Fry's stomach. The Trisolians attack Fry, intending to cut him apart to free the Emperor. He flees with his friends, and they lock themselves in the Emperor's chambers.

Act IV: "Fry must die!"

As the Trisolians attempt to break through the door, Fry's friends try to make Fry cry the Emperor out. Fry is unable to cry, until he finally apologizes and asks Leela for help. She saves him - by beating the crap out of him until he cries the Emperor out from pain.

Additional Info

Real-World References

  • Bender's apron, which reads "To Serve Man," is a reference to an episode of "The Twilight Zone", in which the statement's apparent meaning, being servile to man, is in fact wrong. The statement is actually the title of a cookbook, thus serving man for dinner.
  • This is the first episode to be rated TV14.


  • Fry: That's the saltiest thing I've ever tasted. And I once ate a big, heaping bowl of salt!


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