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[[Image:Near Death Star.JPG|thumbnail|The Near Death Star]]
[[Image:Near Death Star.PNG|thumbnail|The Near Death Star]]
'''Location:''' [[The Sol System]]  
'''Location:''' [[The Sol System]]  

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The Near Death Star

Location: The Sol System


The Near Death Star is a "planet" with spikes on it and is probably metal. The planet is inhabited by the Sunset Squad Robots, a group of robots that own it and take the old people. Old people past the age of 160 are taken there, out of the way of society on Earth and is used for energy like the ones in the movie "The Matrix". Professor Farnsworth was taken there after he revealed that he was actually 160. The old people are hooked up to a life support system, making them think they are in Florida.

Additional Info


  • The name is a reference to the Empire's Death Star from Star Wars Episode IV - "A New Hope".
  • It has been known that an unspiky version of the Near Death Star was seen in When Aliens Attack after Fry spills beer on the transmitter and "zooms" into space, and right after the asteroid belt and before Jupiter, a white ball-like structure can be seen with streaks like the Near Death Star.