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<gallery perrow=2>
Image:Some of us we're crazy before it was cool.jpg|Some of us were crazy before it was cool.
Image:Some of us we're crazy before it was cool.jpg|Some of us were crazy before it was cool.
Image:I'm a lot of people but i'm not Fry.jpg|I'm alot of people but i'm not Fry.
Image:I'm alot of people but i'm not Fry.jpg|I'm a lot of people but i'm not Fry.

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Secondary character
Nine with his Mad Fellows.
Planet of originProbably Earth, USA, New New York
ProfessionGrand Curator of the Legion of Mad Fellows
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Nine (also known as the Number 9 Man) was originally a cameo character appearing in the first and second seasons of Futurama. He was merely used as an Easter egg in crowd scenes, and was slowly forgotten, having not appeared in the third and fourth seasons. However, he re-appeared in two of the movies (BBS, ItWGY) and again (as a cameo) in the sixth and seventh seasons.


Nine is a bearded, bald white male Human, who wears a white shirt with a black 9 on it, and brown shoes. He attended a special 3000 edition New Year's Rockin' Eve (1ACV01), was in Little Neptune (1ACV07), saw the Titanic begin her maiden voyage (1ACV10), witnessed the First Omicronian Invasion of Earth (1ACV12), probably watched a movie (2ACV08), queued in front of the Central Bureaucracy (2ACV11), was part of a crowd of people acting unlike themselves, which can be confirmed with him not wearing the 9 shirt (US#011), attended the Turanga-Fillmore wedding (BBS), along with the remainder of the Legion of Mad Fellows, led Fry on his mission to exterminate the Dark Ones and prevent the destruction of the Violet Dwarf Star by Leo Wong (ItWGY), was a member of the jury at Famous Original Ray's Superior Court (6ACV25), and witnessed the Aliens who communicate by dancing attack EarthDisputed canon (6ACV26). When Nine became Grand Curator of the Legion is unknown, but the audio commentary for Into the Wild Green Yonder seems to hint that he was in the Legion prior to the year 3000.


The reason for his number was to indicate a yet to be revealed society caste system, where lower numbers were basically slaves, and higher numbers were of kingly status. Nines would, for example, be drones who walked around all depressed. However, this idea was abandoned before the series went live. His actual story was changed by the writers when given a speaking role in Into the Wild Green Yonder. Additionally, the re-assigned purpose of the 9 on his shirt appears to be that it is his name.

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Into the Wild Green Yonder

A Farewell to Arms

Additional Info


  • His ninth canonical appearance on Futurama is precisely Into the Wild Green Yonder, where he played his major role.
  • It is very interesting that he can read others' minds and keeps on a tinfoil hat to protect his, as well as block the Dark Ones' psychic attack. In seasons 1 and 2, as well as in Bender's Big Score, he was not wearing it. This may have been to conceal his involvement with the Legion of Mad Fellows, but it would have required not thinking about his mission and dealing with the thoughts of other people coming into his head.


    Hutch: The Grand Curator will tell you more.
    Fry: Take me to him.
    Nine: [He is just behind Hutch.] Hey, man.
    Fry: Hey.
    Nine: So dig this, Fry. Our commune's been monitoring the Universe's life energy for, like, a really long time, and we're grokking some super-weird junk.
    Fry: Um, I don't mean to be rude, but it's kinda hard to take you seriously when you say junk like grok and junk.
    Nine: What about commune?
    Fry: Especially commune!

    Nine: [He turns off the hologram.] Well, that's the show.
    Fry: Neat. What's it got to do with me?
    Nine: Ahh, pooperdoodle! I mean, pardon the omission.

    Fry: Cool. I can't wait to tell Leela. [He dials a few digits on his cellphone-telephone.]
    Nine: No! If you tell anyone, then their thoughts could be read, and our enemies would know of our existence. For the sake of those you love, you must keep this secret. Do you footswear?
    Fry: Oh, okay. I footswear.
    Nine: [They perform a footshake agreeing to the terms.] Good. Now, to save the coming of the green age, you must stop this man.
    Fry: [Leo Wong is shown on the hologram.] I know him. Leo Wong. I work with his daughter.
    Nine: Oh, good. That'll cut about 15 minutes of explanation. You must gain Wong's confidence, infiltrate his organisation, and prevent him from destroying the Violet Dwarf! [Fry salutes Nine with his foot. The act is reciprocated.]

    Nine: We call these noble beings the Encyclopods, because their DNA incorporates the DNA of every endangered species they encountered, so they can re-create them if they go extinct.
    Fry: Just as a pillow, a wig, and a corncob pipe can be used to re-create my old girlfriend!
    Nine: Bingo.

    Fry: So, where is this egg?
    Nine: In the Violet Dwarf Star system.
    Fry: And what does it look like?
    Nine: A Violet Dwarf Star!

    Fry: [Screaming.] Hello? Mad Fellows? I need to-- [He is hit on the head with a bottle and passes out. Small time lapse and he awakens.] Okay, Leo Wong's about to destroy the Violet Dwarf. So, whatever I need to know to stop him, tell me now.
    Nine: Alas! Stopping Wong isn't the only problem. One of the Dark Ones will try to stop you from stopping him. So, you must stop it from stopping you from stopping him.
    Fry: But how can I stop it stop me stop him?
    Nine: Stop it!

    Nine: When activated, the device will emit a localised blast of delta-band noise to momentarily disable the Dark One.
    Fry: Like farting in a tent?
    Nine: No, an elevator.

    Nine: Some of us were crazy before it was cool.

    Leela: Fry, this is the most noble thing you've done for me. Wait, Fry?!
    Nine: I'm a lot of people, but I'm not Fry! [insane laugh]