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|type            = t
|type            = t
|type2            = d
|type2            = d
|image            = [[File:Nixonscampaignmanager.png|225px]]
|image text        = [[Nixon's Campaign Manager]] presenting [[Richard Nixon's head|Nixon]].
|job              = Campaign manager
|job              = Campaign manager
|first appear    = {{e|2ACV03}}
|first appear    = {{e|2ACV03}}

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
Nixon's Campaign Manager
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionCampaign manager
First appearance"A Head in the Polls" (2ACV03)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Richard Nixon's Head, had a campaign manager, in order to win the election. When she was presenting Nixon, he stepped on her, possibly crushing and killing her.

Additional Information


    Nixon's Campaign Manager: You scored big points tonight, sir.
    Nixon: What are you talking about? They ate me alive out there.
    Nixon's Campaign Manager: Yes, but your body stayed on message. And that message is, "Look at my shiny new body". The robots ate it up. You've got real charisma from the neck down.

    Nixon's Campaign Manager: I give you the next president of Earth!
    [Nixon comes through the flag with his head atop a massive robot body. He steps on his campaign manager and crushes her.]
    Nixon: Nixon's back!