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First appearanceBender's Big Score
Voiced by[[David Herman|David Herman]][[Category:Characters voiced by David Herman|Nudar]]

Nudar was the leader of the alien nudist scammers (thus the villains) in Bender's Big Score.


Warning! The following text contains spoilers about a plot! Reading it before seeing the episode/film yourself will seriously alter your viewing experience! You have been warned.

While little is known about his past, he and his two companions, have apparently been scamming people for a long time. But when the Planet Express crew arrives at their planet, they cease the chance. And soon they have scammed all of their money out of them, gaining control of their firm. It is then they discover the time sphere, and use it to travel back in time to steal valuables from Earth.

With the money gained from the valuables, they buy the planet. And thus they build a fleet of remote control solid gold Death Stars. But the Earthlings strike back, and soon all is lost, and their final triumph card, the doomsday device is also out of their hands, and destroys them. Except Nudar, who was wearing a doomproof shirt at the time. But he is killed as he, together with Lars Fillmore, are the victims of Bender's Auto Destruct Sequence.

Additional Information


  • He is David X. Cohen's favourite character.
  • It is interesting to note how well educated Nudar is in Earth's history, and thus know everything of value in Earth's history. Although he at no point makes it clear that he means Earth's or the universe's valuables.