Omicronian saucers

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Omicronian saucers
Omicronian Saucers 1.jpg
First appearance"When Aliens Attack" (1ACV12)

The Omicronian saucers are battle ships that have a typical "flying saucer" appearance. They come in wide range of sizes, from massive eclipse-causing Motherships to tiny 2-foot drones. Apart from a difference in scale, all Omicronian ships are identical in design.

The main Omicronian tactic in war is to destroy enemy buildings from above, starting with famous landmarks, and so their ships are armed with 'anti-monument lasers'. The craft are also armed with lasers and torpedoes for use in ship-to-ship combat.

By coincidence, Omicronian saucers also exactly resemble the (presumably upgraded) Hubble Telescope, which was destroyed by Philip J. Fry after it was mistaken for the Omicronian mothership in the First Omicronian Invasion of Earth.

The appearance of the Omicronian ships, and their destruction of landmark buildings, parodies the Destroyer saucers that attack Earth in Independence Day.

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