Paper-hatted salesman

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Tertiary character
Paper-hatted salesman
Blue and orange salesman 3ACV04.png
The paper-hatted salesman at Horse d'Oeuvres in 3001. [3ACV04]
First appearance"The Luck of the Fryrish" (3ACV04)
3ACV04David Herman
All other appearancesBilly West

The paper-hatted salesman is a salesman who wears a paper hat.


The paper-hatted salesman sold horse products at Horse d'Oeuvres in 3001, [3ACV04] worked (in a deleted scene) at the Build-A-Bot Workshop in 3010, [6ACV01] was a spokesperson on a novelty ad in 3010, [6ACV11] sold popsicles in the Planet Express hangar in 3011, [6ACV15] tried to sell live bait on a frozen lake in 3011, [6ACV24] and sold barrels near the Niagara Falls Hydroelectric Plant in 3011. [6ACV25] He has (apparently) been killed twice.

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    Paper-hatted salesman: Get your piping-hot horse burgers, horse fries, horse cake and shakes. We got tongue straight from the horse's mouth.

    Paper-hatted salesman: Amuse your friends with real vomit!

    Paper-hatted salesman: Popsicles here. Can't mourn the dead without a popsicle.

    Paper-hatted salesman: Live bait!
    [Time lapse. A box labelled LIVE BAIT is to the paper-hatted salesman's right. Leela, Zoidberg, and Bender are walking away from the paper-hatted salesman.]
    Paper-hatted salesman: Get your live bait here. [The paper-hatted salesman turns to his right. The box is opened by three tentacles. The three tentacles grab the paper-hatted salesman and pull him inside the box, but leave his hat outside.] Whoa! [The box is closed. The paper-hatted salesman's hat falls on the box. The box is opened again.] [off camera] Fresh-killed bait!
    [The paper-hatted salesman grunts. The box is closed.]

    Paper-hatted salesman: Barrels here. Can't go over the Falls without a barrel.