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HomeworldVega 4
First appearance"The Lesser of Two Evils" (2ACV06)

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The Paramecia (or Paramecium, in the singular form) are an alien species bearing a resemblance to Germs. Their race apparently wants to destroy the humanity, although they haven't succeeded yet.


Additional Info[edit]


  • The Paramecia are basically giant germs and should be repulsive, however they are considered so attractive that a Paramecium actually won Miss Universe.
  • They are probably asexual, given Gladys Lennox's statement in The Beast with a Billion Backs.


    Annoucer: Newly elected Miss Universe entertains the Paramecium troops trying to wipe out the human race, go get them boys.

    Zapp Brannigan: And the winner is Miss Vega 4.

    Gladys Lennox: Yivo makes me feel sexy, and I'm asexual.


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