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{{group infobox
'''Planet Express'''
|name          = Planet Express, Inc.
|image          = [[File:Planet Express Logo.svg|225px]]
|location      = [[Planet Express headquarters]], [[Manhattan]], [[New New York]], [[United States of America]], [[Earth]], [[Sol System]], [[Universe Γ]]
|leader type=Owner/CEO
|leader=Professor [[Farnsworth]]
|business      = Package delivery
|first appear  = {{e|1ACV01}}
|slogan        = Our crew is replaceable.  Your package isn't.
'''Planet Express, Inc.''' is an intergalactic delivery company owned by Professor [[Farnsworth]] to fund his research. Founded in [[2961]], [[Planet Express headquarters|primary location]] is located in [[New New York]], and its [[Planet Express crew|crew]] includes many important characters of [[Futurama|the series]]. The [[Planet Express crew|current crew]] reached their 100th delivery in September 3010, and to celebrate, [[Bender Bending Rodriguez|Bender]] threw a [[100th Delivery Party]].  The inaugural delivery crew, which disappeared on its first interplanetary mission, was found alive in August [[3011]].
[[ar:Planet Express]]
The company scrapes by, in spite of fierce competition from the leader in package delivery, [[MomCorp|Mom's Friendly Delivery Company]]. They stay in business thanks to their complete disregard for safety and minimum wage laws, and the Professor's unscrupulous acceptance of the occasional bribe.
== History ==
[[File:Old Planet Express Ship.png|left|thumb|The old, slightly different, logo shown on the [[old Planet Express ship]].]]
=== Creation ===
Planet Express was founded by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth as method of funding his research in 2961. At that time, Zoidberg was already an employee, and a delivery crew had recently been hired, consisting of [[Lando Tucker]], [[Candy]], and [[Lifter]], although on their first delivery, the three were swallowed by a [[Four-dimensional space whale]]. Zoidberg panicked and took the escape pod), which began the long line of delivery crews. The first employee of the year was then 13-year-old [[Amy Wong]]. Amy has supposedly not worked with the company from the beginning, as she does not seem to know any of the multiple previous crews before the current. While little is known about Planet Express' early history, we know that [[Hermes Conrad]] has been with the company for as early as 2993.
Besides regular staff, such as [[Hermes Conrad]], bureaucrat, and interns, such as [[Amy Wong]], the company's most important positions are the starship crew, whom are to pilot the [[Planet Express ship]] for deliveries, and essentially the business itself.  Though, it is not unlikely for the rest of the staff to tag along with the ship for a mission or two.
Planet Express has had a history of security issues, several prior crews to [[Turanga Leela]], [[Philip J. Fry]] and [[Bender Bending Rodríguez]] have apparently been lost or killed during difficult missions, which Farnsworth relentlessly sent them out on.  The current crew can be assumed to be the most successful crew so far, in terms of survival, although the professor assert that they are still not as good as his previous crew.
At least two former crews are known to exists, one lead by [[Captain Musky]] and another which was killed by either [[Space wasp]]s or [[Space bee]]s. Alternatively, these may have been two crews entirely, or just an insufficient payment of attention to detail. The first crew was swallowed by a four-dimensional space whale, but survived until 3010, with Lifter and Candy not aging, while Lando Tucker nearly sucked dry due to the whale's feeding.  According to the crew just before the current, they too were not as good as the crew prior to them.  One may assume that Farnsworth simply tells all his crews this, as a form of motivation.  Farnsworth himself though doesn't really seem to think highly of the chances of his crew surviving, as he evidently is looking for a [[Fry, Bender and Leela's replacements|replacement crew]] even before they are gone.
=== In the beginning ===
In early [[3000]], after being unfrozen, [[Philip J. Fry]], along with his new found friends, [[Turanga Leela]] and [[Bender Bending Rodríguez]] joins Planet Express as its new crew.  In the new crew's early beginnings, they start out with simple missions, but Farnsworth also gets himself involved with charity missions, such as saving the animals on [[Vergon 6]].
For not informing the authorities of his vast amount of security issues with the company, the professor thanked his crew by inviting them onto the cruise ship ''[[Titanic]]'', which was, most unfortunately, sucked into a [[black hole]] {{et|1ACV10}}.
=== Bureau-crazy times ===
In [[3001]], during a nervous breakdown from [[Hermes]], the company's bureaucrat was replaced temporary by [[Morgan Proctor]], whose changes to the company was not entirely pleasing for the crew, except Fry, who Proctor had an eye for.  However, in an attempt to get Bender's brain back, Hermes regained his lust for bureaucracy, and during a sorting of the master inpile, Hermes felt upon a form discrediting Proctor's stature as a bureaucrat, and Hermes was hired back at the company – at severely reduced pay of course, and so was the rest, apparently.
The sons of Farnsworth and Hermes, [[Cubert]] and [[Dwight]], in an attempt to impress their fathers, created a competing business, [[Awesome Express]], and after some successful paperwork, they took over the business of Planet Express as well.  This takeover, much to Farnsworth's and Hermes' dismay, were eventually annulled when Leela discovered that they had not even delivered the newspaper they were hired to.
[[File:That Guy.png|thumb|[[Steve Castle]], temporary CEO in [[3002]].]]
=== PlanEx era ===
[[File:Planex logo.svg|thumb|left||The company's logo during the reign of [[Steve Castle]].]]
In [[3002]] came perhaps the biggest takeover of the Planet Express corporation, by a former 1980s stockbroker, [[Steve Castle]], replaced Farnsworth as the CEO of Planet Express, inc. after suggestion from Fry.
When Steve Castle became CEO of the company, he changed the focus of the company to brand and image rather than actual package delivery.  He changed the logo and name of the company as well to "PlanEx" ("''Plan''et ''Ex''press"), as well as a styled 1980s advertisement for the company.
Steve Castle's foremost for PlanEx was the giant corporation of [[Mom's Friendly Delivery Company]], which controlled most of [[Earth]]'s planetary and interplanetary deliveries.  Despite being ruled as an impossible feat, Fry and Castle assured the board of the company that they would take of the battle.
Castle and Mom met at [[Elzar's Fine Cuisine]], which they negotiated about the future of both companies, and eventually Castle decided to sell Planet Express to Mom, so "she can gut us as competitors".
The sale of PlanEx were held at the [[Intergalactic Stock Exchange]], where it turned out that Dr. Zoidberg owned 51% of the company up until that point, which Steve Castle had purchased, resulting in him being able to cast the vote required to sell the company.  However, despite the employees' discontent with the sale, they soon discovered that their stocks were worth over 100 a piece, at which point they wanted Mom to buy the company regardless.
Unfortunately, just as the purchase of the stocks were to go ahead, Steve Castle's fatal disease of [[boneitis]] kicked in, and died upon the stage.  And after telling his story, Fry eventually made the stock price fall to 3 cents, apparently "worth less than when they were worthless" according to Hermes.
[[File:Planet Express in 3050.jpg|160px|right|thumb|The Planet Express head quarters in the past universe's year [[3050]] {{et|6ACV07}}.]]
== First incarnation's future ==
When [[Fry]], [[Bender]], and [[Hubert J. Farnsworth|the Professor]] started testing the [[forward time machine]] and were accidentally sent [[Timeline|6990 years into the future]] in "[[The Late Philip J. Fry]]", the remaining Planet Express crew thought they had died, so [[Leela]] seized control of the company. She laid off [[Zoidberg]] and there were tough times. Leela, [[Hermes]], [[Amy]], and possibly [[Cubert]] pulled together, and [[3030|20 years later]] the delivery service had become incredibly successful.
In [[3050]], Planet Express had achieved even more, and kept growing and growing, despite Hermes becoming a [[head in a jar]] and Amy getting a [[Robots|robot]] body. Unfortunately for company, the guys would return [[Timeline|two incarnations later]] to maintain the poor management the company was used to in the first universe. ''[[Futurama]]'' is now set in the [[Timeline|third incarnations]], where all is back to normal.
== Personnel ==
=== Crew ===
{{main|Planet Express crew}}
[[File:Promo 1ACV08.jpg|thumb|The three primary crew members (from left): [[Turanga Leela|Leela]], [[Bender Bending Rodríguez|Bender]] and [[Philip J. Fry|Fry]].]]
While having changed crew on several occasions, it has stayed fairly steady since the year [[3000]], when the majority of the current crew joined. [[Amy Wong]] has stayed with the company since [[2998]], [[Scruffy]] has stayed since [[2995]], and [[Dr. John A. Zoidberg]] has been employed at the compamy since [[2961]].
Three former employees, the first official delivery crew for the company in 2961, were revealed in "[[Möbius Dick]]".  The captain was [[Lando Tucker]], the robot was [[Lifter]], and the female was [[Candy]].  They had been very friendly towards Zoidberg until they disappeared on their very first interplanetary mission.
=== CEO ===
Although [[Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth]] founded the company, and still runs it as of [[3011]], it has at times changed owner for minor periods of time. He has named his clone [[Cubert Farnsworth]] as heir to the company.
Cubert and [[Dwight Conrad|Dwight]] took over the business when they inherited it because the Professor had believed he was ready to die.  Under these owners, the company was rebranded as '''[[Awesome Express]]'''.
In [[3002]], [[Steve Castle]] was elected CEO and ran the business as "PlanEx", with [[Philip J. Fry|Fry]] being the vice president. After Castle's death due to [[boneitis]], Fry gained control of the company and sold it back to the Professor.
In [[3007]], the [[Scammer Aliens]], led by [[Nudar]], took over.
In an alternative [[timeline]], in which the Professor disappeared in [[3010]], [[Turanga Leela|Leela]] took over the company, and managed much better than the Professor ever did {{et|6ACV07}}.
In 3011, during the Omicronian take-over of Earth, the Omicronians (led by [[Lrrr]]) take possession of all Earth companies, including Planet Express. The crew can be seen re-painting Planet Express Ship in a distinctive olive-drab green during this period, with a modified company logo. The logo changes back in the next episode.
== Company ==
[[File:Planet Express Location, Zoom Level 2.png|thumb|250px|The location of Planet Express in the centre area of Manhattan.]]
=== Deliveries ===
{{see|List of Planet Express deliveries}}
Even though Planet Express is a delivery company, it hasn't done much deliveries: the recent crew  made 100 deliveries in 10 years (that's almost ten per year).
=== Assets ===
*[[Planet Express headquarters]]
*[[Planet Express Ship]], Intergalactic delivery ship
*[[Robot 1-X]], servant robot
*[[Bender]], bending unit
*[[Clamps]], clamping robot (former)
=== Shares ===
After it was revealed that [[Dr. John A. Zoidberg|Zoidberg]] owned 51% of the company before selling his shares to [[Steve Castle]], who died of [[boneitis]], giving [[Philip J. Fry|Fry]] control of his shares. So out of Planet Express' 204 084 shares (as of [[3003]];
*Fry has 114 083 shares (104 083 from Zoidberg's and then That Guy's former shares, and 10 000 that Fry had before)
*[[Scruffy]] has 40 000 shares
*[[Turanga Leela|Leela]] has 10 000 shares
*[[Bender Bending Rodríguez|Bender]] has 10 000 shares
*[[Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth|The Professor]] has 10 000 shares
*[[Hermes Conrad|Hermes]] has 10 000 shares
*[[Amy Wong|Amy]] has 10 000 shares
*[[Hattie McDoogal|Hattie]] has 1 share
*[[Dr. John A. Zoidberg|Zoidberg]] although previously owning 51% of the company, now has 0 shares
Therefore, Fry owns 55.9% of Planet Express (overall majority control of company), Scruffy owns 19.6%, Leela, Bender, The Professor, Hermes and Amy each own 4.9% of the company and Hattie owns 0.00049% of the company. It is unknown whether this remains the situation as Hermes seemed quite happy to keep selling shares to anyone since they were worthless, e.g. he sold 51% of the company to Zoidberg for toilet paper. However, Zoidberg would be least affected if Planet Express was to go into financial ruin as he doesn't have any money to lose in the first place and also that he has no shares and therefore no say in the financial running of the company.
== Additional Info ==
=== Images ===
Image:Planet Express Exterior 1.jpg|Exterior, Seaside
Image:Planet Express Exterior 2.jpg|Exterior, Streetside
Image:Planet Express Rear.jpg|Rear
Image:The Angry Dome.jpg|The Angry Dome
Image:Planet Express Cross Section.jpg|Planet Express, cross section
Image:Planet Express Floorplan (game).svg|Floorplan used in [[Futurama (video game)|the game]]
Image:Futurama The Farnsworth Parabox Universe 1 Planet Express Building.jpg|[[Alternate Universes|Universe 1]] version
Image:Futurama Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences Omicronian Express Logo.jpg|[[Omicronians|Omicronian]] version
=== Appearances ===
Since the company of Planet Express appears in every episode, comic or film, (the only exception being "[[Where the Buggalo Roam]]"), this list includes episodes important about the company itself, and revelations about the company as well.
*{{e|The Route of All Evil}}
*{{e|Future Stock}}
*{{e|The Sting}}
*{{e|6ACV20}} - the company forms [[Plan Am]], a commercial air liner, for a brief time.
*{{e|6ACV15}} - Explores formation of company and whereabouts of inaugural Planet Express Crew.
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