Planet Express Employee Lounge

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This article is about the message board. For the room, see Planet Express headquarters#Employee lounge.
Planet Express Employee Lounge
PEEL frontpage.png
The front page of PEEL as of 23 March, 2009.
TypeMessage board
Current statusActive

The Planet Express Employee Lounge (abbreviated PEEL, and commonly referred to as that) is the oldest and largest Futurama related message board. PEEL have seen a long and rich history, even when after the show stopped running. PEEL has created several side projects for Futurama related and/or unrelated, which have been more or less successful.


PEEL started in 2000 as a message board for Can't Get Enough Futurama (CGEF), but would later become its own entity, though still sees important ties with CGEF.

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