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Planet Express headquarters
Planet Express Exterior 2.jpg
LocationWest 57th Street, New New York
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)

The headquarters of Planet Express is located on the western side of Manhattan on 57th Street in New New York. The building includes a tower and a hangar, as well as a seaside facility. The tower is directly connected to the rooms, and rooms such as the conference room and Farnsworth's laboratory have a clear view of the hangar behind it.

At the top of the tower is the *, which is where inventions like the Smell-O-Scope are kept, but it can also be extracted entirely from the building through a cord to perform tasks such as shooting Diamondium at enemies. There also seems to be a lift from the top of the tower to the bottom of the complex. Below the headquarters is a cave, where Professor Farnsworth on occasion uses the elements of the Earth itself to clone things.

When exactly the building was constructed remains unknown, but it is safe to suggest it was before 2999, when Fry, Bender and Leela arrived.


There are many rooms in the Planet Express headquarters, and some rooms also change position whenever the writers need it. And some rooms are only shown once or twice, purely for the purpose of a scene.


The largest and most important room and the heart of the operation of Planet Express, in here, the Planet Express ship is kept, which requires no lane to take off, although, there is an option for moving the floor up to assist in a take off of the ship. The hangar has direct access to the conference room and Farnsworth's laboratory.

Conference room

The crew gathered at the conference table.

The conference room consists of the conference table, where all meetings at the company are held. The conference room also includes a kitchen from the opposite side of the hangar, as well as a chemical shower. There is also a big monitor, where videos are often shown, especially educational films.

The conference room leads to hangar as well as the entrance and the employee lounge.

Farnsworth's laboratory

Somewhere, next to the conference room, is Farnsworth's laboratory, perhaps on a story upward. In here, Farnsworth spends most of his time working on his many inventions. Though, something may suggest, that while it overlooks the hangar, you cannot directly access the hangar from it.


Just near the front door is the entrance room, only really in effect when they are greeting new people. Its door includes intuitive features such as "slam!".

Employee lounge

The favourite room by the company's employees, where they spend most of the time watching television and hanging out. Besides a TV, there is a sofa table as well as a sofa near the window. At the other end of the room is a dining table and some chairs.

While the employee lounge leads to the conference room on one side, the other door seems to lead to whatever the writers find appropriate; the toilet, the kitchen, the hallway and much more.

Hermes' office

Hermes Conrad, being the company's bureaucrat, has his own office, which he keeps tidy for the mandatory inspections that occur now and then. Beside a table, it includes a tube connected to the Central Bureaucracy, a disintegrator and stamp devices of all kinds.

Dr Zoidberg's office

An early production drawing of Dr. Zoidberg's lab.

The staff doctor on the company, Dr. Zoidberg has his own office as well, though, Dr. Zoidberg is unfortunately not that well understood with humans, so his office seems to be somewhat strangely furnitured, with a diagram of a human upside down. His office also seems to have a depot for the company attached at the back.

Accusing parlour

A room only visited twice, wherein a member of the company can describe a certain crime which have been under way at the company, and finally reveal the culprit. The accusing parlour is designing in a dark early 1920s style, reminiscing much like housing in Sherlock Homes' time. With a grandfather clock, bookshelves and of course, big furniture.


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The location of the headquarters as seen on Mom's satellite image.

It should not be until Bender's Game, that we learnt the exact location of the headquarters and the company. According to the commentary of Bender's Game, David X. Cohen mentions that they intended for the location of the building to be on West 57th Street, Manhattan, New New York. Also, because of its location next to the Hudson River, the intersecting street is most likely Henry Hudson Parkway, however, its futuristic incarnation is a much narrower road than Henry Hudson Parkway in the present day.

Additional Info

The Emerald version of the headquarters.

Alternative versions


The Planet Express headquarters, along with the company, appears in every episode, comic or film of Futurama.