Princess Flavia

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Secondary character
AgeAt least 700 years
Date of birthbefore 2310
Planet of originEarth, Robo-Hungary
RelativesEmperor Nikolai, fiancée
Basil, lover
First appearance"The Prisoner of Benda" (6ACV10)
Voiced byUnknown

Princess Flavia is the beautiful, if haughty, fiancée of Emperor Nikolai of Robo-Hungary. In 3010 she travelled with the Emperor and his entourage to New New York aboard the Emperor's caviar-powered yacht, the RMS Overkill. During the course of their stay in the city it is revealed that Flavia had in fact been having an affair with Nikolai's cousin Basil, which had been going on for over 700 years. After the ship was infiltrated by Bender - his mind in Amy Wong's body - the princess and Basil devise a plan to murder Nikolai to allow Basil to claim the throne, using the burglary as an excuse to account for Nikolai's death. Flavia drew a Laser pistol on who she believed to be Nikolai only to discover that Bender had now taken over his body instead. However, as it was Nikolai's body in particular that Flavia and Basil sought to destroy they continued with their plan regardless, chasing Bender off the boat and through the streets of the city to the United Nations. Flavia fired off numerous shots during the chase, missing Bender but hitting and presumably killing two robot dignitaries that greeted Bender just outside the United Nations itself.

Flavia is not seen again, though with the death of her lover inside the United Nations General Assembly, her plan to depose Nikolai was foiled. It is not known what happened to her afterwards.

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