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|first appear={{e|Yo Leela Leela}}
|first appear={{e|Yo Leela Leela}}
|voiced by=Lauren Tom
|voice A=Costume (Amy)
|voice A by=Lauren Tom

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Tertiary character
Princess Num Num
First appearance"Yo Leela Leela" (6ACV21)
Costume (Amy)Lauren Tom

Princess Num Num is a Humpling who lives on the planet Rumbledy-hump with her friends Feffernoose, Doingg, Garglie, and Ladybuggle. She is a cupcake with a crown on top of her frosting. She first met Turanga Leela when she visited the planet and established the planet as her quiet place. Leela began to take notes of everyday activities that Num Num and her friends partake in, for her show Rumbledy-hump. For the show, the character was played by Amy Wong. When Leela's secret was exposed, the situation was remedied when Num Num and the other Humplings were cast in the reality show version of the show. This job put Num Num above the poverty line.

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