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Secondary character
Reverend Lionel Preacherbot
Planet of originEarth
RelativesMom, creator
First appearance"Hell Is Other Robots" (1ACV09)
Voiced byPhil LaMarr

Reverend Lionel Preacherbot (or simply the Preacherbot) is a minister of the Temple of Robotology.


Preacherbot's personality is that of a stereotypical evangelist. In spite of his claims of strict faith, however, he has been known to sin on several occasions. Although he alleges to resent robosexuality as the work of the devil, he seems to be a closeted robosexual himself (6ACV04).


Preacherbot, preaching The Good Book 3.0 (1ACV09).

Preacherbot works in the Temple of Robotology as a minister, and also performs baptisms, weddings and funerals (2ACV18), even for those who are not of his religion, or for that matter robots at all. Although he claims to be a strictly religious priest, he has been known to fight (4ACV08) and watch erotic theater (ITWGY). He had a brief acting career, appearing in All My Circuits and Coilette: A Calculon Story (4ACV13). In 3010, Preacherbot hosted Camp Rectifier, where he exposed his closeted robosexuality (6ACV04).

Additional Info


    Preacherbot: The bride has written some vows that we will now all pretend to be interested in.

    Preacherbot: To hell with the turtles!

    Preacherbot: Dearly beloved actors and casting people who might be looking for someone to play a preacher, [dramatically] I welcome you.

    Preacherbot: Sinners! Robosexuality is an abombination!

    Preacherbot: Does anyone have a reason why this couple shall not be joined in the irrevocable shackles of holy bliss?
    Farnsworth: Saving a race of one-eyed monsters? Who could object to that?
    Alcazar: Cut to the chase, preach!
    Preacherbot: Do you, Alcazar... [He is fast forwarded.] take this woman before you...in sickness...to love...do you part?
    Alcazar: Yeah, sure. I do. Come on, faster!
    Preacherbot: [Even faster than before.] Do you, Leela, copy and paste his response till death do you part?


Preacherbot's name appears in a deleted scene from "Xmas Story".
  • His personality is a lot like that of a stereotypical evangelist.
  • Despite the sinful nature of the performance, he watched Gearotica at Circuit du Soleil in Mars Vegas (ITWGY).
  • He is often referred to by Bender as "Oh, this guy."
  • His full name is first mentioned on TV in a deleted scene in the episode "Xmas Story".