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Celebrated whenWhenever Bender feels like not doing work
Celebrated wherePlanet Express ship and Planet Express headquarters
First appearance"Fear of a Bot Planet" (1ACV05)

Robanukah was first mentioned in "Fear of a Bot Planet" and is supposedly the "holiest two weeks on the robot calendar." It was invented by Bender Bending Rodriguez as an excuse to skip work. It is celebrated one month after Robomadan, which itself is celebrated one month after Robonzaa (which is a holiday that tributes his ancestral prototypes and is celebrated by drinking contests), both of which were also invented by Bender.

The holiday later appeared in the second segment of "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular". By then, it gained more traditions, and lasts for six and a half weeks instead of two.


  • Not working.
  • Drinking alcohol.
  • Doing the "Robot" break dance.
  • Lighting eight beer bottles like candles.
  • Carving industrial barrels like jack-o-lanterns.
  • Making paper robot cut-outs.
  • Playing a game with a Droidel, which is like a Dreidel, except it is rigged so that Bender always wins.
  • Watching Fembots wrestle in Petroleum Oil. When they celebrated it in 3010, the Fembots' names were Ruth and Esther.

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