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Celebrated whenUnknown
Celebrated wherePlanet Express Ship
First appearance"Fear of a Bot Planet" (1ACV05)

Robanukah was only mentioned in Fear of a Bot Planet and is supposely the "holiest two weeks on the robot calender." It was invented by Bender Bending Rodriguez as an excuse to skip work. It is celebrated one month after Robomadan, which itself is celebrated one month after Robonza (which is a holiday that tributes his ancestral prototypes and is celebrated by drinking contests), which were also invented by Bender.

A story dedicated to Robanukah will appear in episode 6ACV13 of season 6.[1] meaning that could not be invented by Bender but only reused.

Additional Info


  • Robanukah is very similar to Chanukah, including the music and 8 candles, even though it lasts for 2 weeks. Other traditions include carving toxic waste barrows like jack-o-lanterns, cutting robots out of paper and doing the "robot" breakdance.



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