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First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)

Robots were first built by Humans to improve their lives. It has gotten to the point now that robots outnumber Humans—or at least, voting humans—by one. Humanoid robots, over the years while Professor Hubert Farnsworth was working at Mom's robot company, evolved to the sometimes sleek functioning machines in the year 3000. A revolution of robot development was made when fuel efficiency was sacrificed when a new, sportier robot was demanded by Mom. These new "sports utility" (classified this to get them past emission standards) robots came out resulting in increased pollution on Earth. In 3003 a new robot model came out Robot 1-X which unlike past robots, didn't malfuction, wasn't polluting and was kind and not rude.

Robots in Society

Robots can acquire wealth, marry, obtain jobs, consume resources, own property and live in robot societies. Each different facet of society in the year 3000 has some form of robot related - to human benefit or not.

Robots in Futurama seem to exist in conflict with the idea of form and function - to which present day industrial design strives. In the year circa 3000 robots consume high volumes of resources (Calculon's luxury Bel-air home) and inhabit land (Robot Arms Apartments). In society they can be found in all levels of society - in the gutter "jacking on" (getting stoned on electricity) and at the top (Hedonism bot appears to be very wealthy, commissioning artistic endeavours on a whim). There is however little social mobility as a robot's function is predetermined by its type.

There appear to be two main types, or castes, of robot:

Laborer Robots

Likely built by Humans, these robots are bound to their programming. They can be easily identified by the fact that their name often reflects their job. They are not all "laborers", per se, but they were built for a specific job, which they perform without question.

Civilian Robots

Possibly built by robots (evidenced by Bender's statement, "We can always build more killbots" (1ACV04)), these are free to do as they please, and in fact, many are homeless. They still seem to pay homage to Mom on Mother's Day, though. Their names tend to have little to do with their occupations.

List of Robots

Known Laborer Robots

Known Civilian Robots

Robot Animals

Unknown Status

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