Ruth and Esther

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Tertiary characters
Ruth and Esther
Ruth and Esther.png
Ruth (left) and Esther (right). [6ACV13]
First appearance"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular"
RuthLauren Tom
EstherTress MacNeille

Ruth and Esther are two nasty Fembots, according to the crew, that Bender invited to an audition for the traditional oil wrestling of Robanukah 3010, which would be performed in the headquarters. [6ACV13] They agreed to do it, even though they still wanted to get paid, and the wrestling lasted 500 million years. Ruth and Esther also participated in "The Robanukah Song".

Ruth later appears in minimal size in "Benderama", tricking a small Bender into purchasing her services, only to have him killed by a mousetrap.

Ruth, Esther and Bender were to have an orgy, but they were disrupted by a glowing Fry. Ruth and Esther later mocked Bev, who responded by spraying them with soda water. [7ACV01]

Additional Info


  • Their voices are patterned after stereotypical New York Jewish women; fittingly, perhaps, given that they are named after two books of the Old Testament: Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David, and Esther, the Jewish queen of Persia, who prevented the planned genocide of the Jews and instituted Purim.


    Bender: Shalom, Ruth and Esther!
    Ruth: Why with the music so loud?
    Esther: Would it kill him to turn up the heat a little in here?

    Ruth: Not in the hair, please. I just had it did.

    Esther: We're still getting paid, right?
    Bender: I told you it's an audition!

    Ruth: I don't wrestle dry, Bender. I went to Vassar.

    Esther: I need to loosen up. Gimme a screwdriver.