Scammer Aliens

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Scammer Aliens
Scammer Aliens.png
From left to right: Schlump, Nudar and Fleb
BusinessScamming people
First appearanceBender's Big Score
Current statusDeceased

The Scammer Aliens are a trio of pinkish aliens of unknown species and origin. Their main business is scamming people using spam and other classical measures of fraud. In 3007 they managed to overtake the business of Planet Express, where they would form their business to overtake the entire Earth's values and money. However, they were killed in the battle the Earthicans waged against them, ridding the world of their influence entirely.


Little is known about the entire structure of these aliens, but their most interesting and notable organ is their sprunjer which they use to find information. This sprunjer may suggest that the race as a whole is very keen on finding information, and thus becoming scammers may quite common for people of this race. Also, it is hinted that their drooping noses are used in intercourse.


Little is known about this group's early life, they only come really into focus when they meet the Planet Express crew on the Nude Beach Planet.

They managed to scam the entire crew of Planet Express, except (perhaps interestingly) Fry. But their scam on Professor Farnsworth is what gained them access to the entire business, by making him sign a false contract for $400 he thought he had won in the Spanish National Lottery.

During their control of Planet Express, they discovered the machine language time code tattooed on Fry's butt. This lead them to start their time travelling using Bender to go back and steal all of Earth's valuables. As a means of preparing for any future mishaps, they had Bender steal the Spheroboom, a doomsday device, to use for later.

After gaining control of all of Earth after scamming Nixon, they forced all humans off the planet, but soon they were faced with a battle from the rebelling humans, which they at the end lost. They discovered that Bender had double-crossed them and stolen the Spheroboom, which the Earthlings fired at their ship, utterly destroying it.

The head scammer, however, survived the blast, but died eventually when Lars Fillmore pinned to a time paradox duplicate of Bender which exploded.

The Group

The group consists of three members.

  • Nudar - the leader; darkest skin, tallest
  • Fleb - lightest skin, middle height
  • Schlump - medium-shaded skin, shortest

Additional Info