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=== Appearances ===
=== Appearances ===
* {{e|6ACV06}} (mention)
* {{e|6ACV25}} (mention)
[[Category:Alien Invasions of Earth]]
[[Category:Alien Invasions of Earth]]

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Sith-il War
Sith Invasion.jpg
LocationUniverse A
ResultVictory to the Sith
Appearance"Lethal Inspection" (6ACV06)
Side ASide B
Sith OverlordsUnknown
At least 49 millionOver 98 million

The Sith-il War took place between (presumably) 2861 and 2865 in Universe A. It envolved the Sith and the Earthicans. What each side stood for is unknown. It resulted in a victory to the Sith, and became known as the Sith Invasion. This battle caused over 98 million combatants, both Sith and Earthicans, to die.


This war was re-enacted by the Earthican people in July 3010. The Planet Express crew and several nerds participated. Only 4 combatants got "killed".

Notable fighters in the re-enactment

For the Sith

For the Earthicans

Additional info


  • The Sith-il War is a parody of the American Civil War.
  • It ended 1000 years after the American Civil War.
  • It was a very lethal war, as pointed out by Hermes. This may have influenced the choice of the name of the sixth episode of Season 6, which is called "Lethal Inspection".


    Hermes: And the winner of the war is... Let me just cross-check my tabulation here... Factoring the corsages for the widows...
    Bender: Hurry up, you number crunching crumb nuncher. Everybody but me is dying of old age.
    Hermes: Okay... Ah! The winners, at a net cost of only 12 dollars per life cut tragically short... our Sith Overlords!