Springfield time capsule

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Springfield time capsule
TypeTime capsule
First appearance"Simpsorama"

The Springfield time capsule is a large metallic box (which is actually a Civil War coffin) that was filled with items contributed by the fourth grade students of Springfield Elementary. The capsule was buried in the Springfield town square and was intended to be opened in the 31st century.

The spot in which the capsule is buried is teaming with radioactive ooze, which leaks inside and mixes with a sandwich with Bart Simpson's germs on it and Milhouse Van Houten's lucky rabbit's foot. This creates violent white rabbit-like creatures, which later evolve into green Bart Simpson-looking goblins that begin to destroy the world in the year 3014.

It is later deduced that the time capsule must simply be dug up in the year 2014 to prevent the creatures from ever evolving and escaping, however, the Simpsons family (bar Maggie), Fry, Leela and the professor are sucked back into the future before they can do so. They then create an alternate plan of getting rid of the creatures in the future itself, leaving the time capsule in place.

Additional information

Items inside the capsule

  • Bart Simpson's sandwich (infected with his germs)
  • Milhouse Van Houten's lucky rabbit's foot
  • A picture of Nelson Muntz's father robbing a store
  • Grade 4 surveillance video
  • Assortment of floppy disks/books