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I'm curious. Does anyone know why In "Benders Game" the movie. Fry is able to pick up nibblers dark matter poop inside of the planet express ship and place it in the fuel port? When supposedly it's supposed to still have the weight of a thousand suns? Keep in mind The ships gravity pump is still active keeping fry, bender, and leela, anchored to the floor. Also bender is clearly right there when it happens and is 'technically' his fault. << The best kind of correct btw. Which means fry shouldn't have been able to lift the Herculean turd Up into the reactor, yet we clearly watch him do this. With the history the writers have for following their own rules, I gotta ask If there's something I'm missing that gives them a green light to break this rule, when 'technically' << (there's that word again) the whole movie revolves Around the dark matter story and history? -- the preceding unsigned comment was written by SlurmsMckenzie87.

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I would guess that that particular piece of dark matter is just a little lighter. Sanfazer (talk) 21:57, 6 December 2013 (CET).