The Cryonic Woman

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Production Number: 2ACV19
First Aired: December 3, 2000

The Story

Act I: I’d like to apply for my old job.

Leela leaves the keys in the Planet Express ship but it is attached by the unbreakable diamond tether and Fry and Bender take off in it, taking the Planet Express building with them. They fly over the world and return with the building badly damaged. Professor Farnsworth fires Fry, Bender and Leela (because she left the keys in the ship). Zoidberg is then popular. Leela has kept their old career chips and they insert them into their palms. At the cryonics lab Leela finds out that she put in the delivery boy chip in her palm and the cryonic counsellor in Fry’s palm. Bender also gets a job there. Fry and Bender enjoy their new job by tricking people into being evil creatures like giant flys, gorillas and evil robots. Fry also prank calls Leela and unfreezes Pauly Shore. The next person they try to trick turns out to by Fry’s ex girlfriend Michelle and they fall in love.

Act II: So you froze yourself to come look for me?

Michelle tells her story of how she got married, but her marriage had difficulties when her husband dated another woman after graduating from college. Michelle has troubles fitting in with giant roaches, tattoos on fat people and other weird things. Things get worse when she meets the rest of the Planet Express crew. Michelle tells Fry that she doesn’t fit in and that the only way out is to freeze themselves again for another 1000 years and that nothing matters but their love. This convinces Fry and they go in the tube, only to find that the year 4000 is a wasteland.

Act III: Could we please join your society?

Fry and Michelle argue and Michelle demands that Fry builds a shelter and the best he can do is a hole which doesn’t satisfy Michelle. The next morning they are woken up by some kids with guns. They are taken to the place they live ruled by a boy named Butch. Fry wants to join but he mustn’t interfere with their work. Michelle really wants power and makes Fry challenge Butch. Butch challenges Fry to death rolling which is a deadly version of skateboarding. The last one holding the bandanna is the leader. Butch pulls Fry along with Fry going through very painful things. They eventually crash into a lamppost both still holding on but Fry manages to take the bandanna off Butch. Butch’s mom comes and tells all the kids to come to Hebrew class. Fry and Michelle argue again and Fry leaves Michelle. He travels through the wasteland and spots something ahead. He finds himself in LA and the Planet Express ship comes. Bender explains that Fry was only frozen for 2 days and that he was in Pauly Shore’s tube and they were delivering it to his movie screening but he was chucked in a ditch when they found out it wasn’t him. Michelle is dating Pauly Shore. Fry asks for his job back but is ejected out of a trap door in the ship after Bender reminds the professor why he fired him.