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The Infosphere
The Infosphere frontpage.png
The front page of the Infosphere on 22 March, 2009
TypeKnowledge bank
LaunchedJanuary, 2006

The Infosphere is the largest Futurama knowledge bank on the web. It started in January, 2006, as a project off PEEL by 'Buddy13'.

The Infosphere still gains the attention of the fan base of Futurama as the best source for trivial, trivia and encyclopaedic information about Futurama.


The Infosphere originally started as a minor off project by 'Buddy13' as a place for him to store anything knew about Futurama. He decided on the MediaWiki platform, because it was at the time one of the simple solutions offered by DreamHost, the Infosphere's former host.

But the Infosphere grew in popularity, and generally appealed to more and more of regular members from PEEL, whom would contribute to the wiki.

In late 2007, the site saw a layout change and standard change, which introduces infoboxes to the wiki as well as minor design changes for the wiki to keep it more stylish.

Server problems

During 2008, DreamHost took down the Infosphere because it was using too much CPU usage on their servers, which were shared with others, and the site was quickly moved to a short array of servers as a result. The host at DreamHost was tried again, but failed when they could not provide the required CPU usage the site needed.

The Infosphere find itself a steady, yet considered temporary, place at the German Hexonet, hosted off a dedicated machine. The site would later that year move to a virtual machine, but hosted from the same data centre.

Wiki's offering

The only competition to the Infosphere has remained Wikia's Futurama Wiki. Wikia have at least twice tried to offer a partnership between them and the Infosphere. One of the arguments used by advocates of the Wikia supporters are better servers and lack of competition.

However, the editors of the Infosphere have denied a possibility of a partnership with Wikia's Futurama Wiki, because it would involve too many restrictions for the wiki as it is. A key issue with the deal has been for the Infosphere editors the fact that Wikia is a for-profit organisation, which issues ads on its wikis, something the Infosphere would not like to see on its own wiki. The Wikia supporters on the other hand, suggested that the ads would encourage people to sign up and become a contributor, as the ads disappear when you log in.

The Infosphere editors also moved that despite their occasional server issues, they were doing rather well and were not in need of Wikia's servers. However, they did specify that the lack of competition would be nice, but also moved that the content of Wikia's wiki was too weak for the quality standard of the Infosphere, and sharing that content would best be avoided.