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The Time Sphere is a green, shimmering sphere that allows a user to travel into the past. However it is a one way trip—the sphere cannot be used to go back to the future. The Time Sphere can only be summoned if the binary time code is spoken out loud. The time code is 001100010010011110100001101101110011. In decimal this is 13194894195, though the decimal representation is less meaningful than the binary. The Time Sphere is apparently under the stewardship of the Galactic Entity (and may in fact be the reason for its existence).

Additional Info


  • The only known people to have ever used the Time Sphere are Nudar, Bender and Fry
  • The binary numarals were originally going to be part of a much more complex plot, but the idea was cut.
  • The code is the same backwards as forewards, this was important as Fry read it in a mirror.

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