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**The book "A Brief History of Time Travel" is released.  Using time travel, it seems to have been reappeared in the year 3007.
**The book "A Brief History of Time Travel" is released.  Using time travel, it seems to have been reappeared in the year 3007.
*'''7 billion A.D.'''
**A mucus-based universe formed from [[Zapp]]'s sneeze develops humanoid life-forms.
==External links==
==External links==

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The below is a timeline of fictional events from Futurama.

Early history

  • Seventeen years before Big Bang The Nibblonian race comes into existence.
  • The Medium-Sized Bang – The Universe is created, as well as the cowboy universe (Only this one parallel universe is known or thought to exist until the events of "The Farnsworth Parabox").
  • Milliseconds after the Big Bang – The evil Brain Spawn come into being and begin their war against the Nibblonians that rages until the 31st century.
  • Eons ago – A frog-like creature and a snake-like creature cooperated to get food and survive, but later evolved to eat the other as food.
  • 65.5 million years ago – The Brain Spawn cause the extinction of Earth's dinosaurs.
  • 29,997,000 years ago – Nimbala is emperor of Zubin 5.
  • 277 BCNibbler born.
  • 1770s – Minuteman Yancy Fry fights "Commies" (according to Fry's father) in the American Revolution.
Fry accidently kills his grandfather in the past

20th Century

  • 1900(circa) – Gwen's family starts making candy hearts out of earwig honey and bone meal
  • 1947 – Time travelling Planet Express crew create the Roswell UFO incident. Philip J. Fry accidentally kills the man he believed to be his grandfather. Fry then impregnates his grandmother, becoming his own grandfather. Also, Bender's head is left behind in this time period, it stays in the dirt for over 1000 years.
  • 1948Yancy Fry, Sr. (Philip's father and simultaneously his son) born.
  • 1971Yancy Fry, Jr. (Philip's older brother and simultaneously his grand-son) born.
  • 1974Philip J. Fry is born at Brooklyn Pre-Med Junior Hospital.
  • 1980 – Philip J. Fry starts wanting a robot for a best friend at this age.
  • 1988 – Philip J. Fry hides his lucky 7-leafed clover from his brother.
  • 1994 (circa) – Fry fails to graduate from Coney Island Community College.
  • 1996 – Fry's dog Seymour Asses is born.
  • 1997
  • 1999
    • Philip J. Fry spills beer on the control console at New York FOX station WNYW, knocking Single Female Lawyer off the air.
    • Fry's bank account is left with a balance of 93 cents, which after one thousand years of gathering interest, becomes $4.3 billion.
    • December 31 – Fry is sent on a fake pizza delivery to I. C. Wiener at Applied Cryogenics.


Fry is frozen for 1000 years
Philip J. Fry II, Yancy's son is born and named after his uncle
Philip J. Fry II becomes the first man on Mars and becomes a big success
FXJKHR the 60th President
The Fairness in Hell Act is invented
  • 2000
    • January 1 – Seconds into the new year, Philip J. Fry is cryogenically frozen due to the actions of Lord Nibbler/his future self.
    • Using a time code tattooed on his ass, Fry returns from the year 3007 back to New York and lives in the upstairs storage room of Panucci's Pizza. Bender also travels back in time to kill Fry but loses him.
    • Seymour sees Fry frozen in cryogenics tube.
    • Fry's family calls off the search for their missing son.
    • November 8 — Bender attempts to kill someone with the same name as Fry. All of Al Gore's votes are destroyed after Bender accidentally shoots them causing George Bush to win the election.
  • 2000s
    • (presumably early) Baywatch: The Movie becomes the first movie shot entirely in slow-motion, and wins Pamela Anderson the Oscar.
    • Atlanta moves offshore, but after over-developing, sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and is lost until the early 31st century.
    • Philip J. Fry, II is born.
  • 2001
    • The movie Jury Duty II: Trouble on the Hubble starring Pauly Shore released.
    • Fry's ex-girlfriend Michelle leaves her husband and family behind and freezes herself for 1000 years, unaware that Fry has also been frozen.
    • Brain Spawn start 1000 year quest to obtain all knowledge in the universe.
  • 2002 – A barge filled with New York's garbage starts floating around the oceans of Earth for 50 years, as no country will take it - not even that filthy one.
  • 2003
    • Lucy Liu is named People magazine's "Sexiest Woman of the Year."
    • Fry gets a job at an aquarium working with a narwhal called Leelu.
  • 2006 – Britney Spears becomes queen of something.
  • 2007 – The movie Charlie's Angels III: The Legend Of Charlie's Gold is released.
  • 2008 – Stop and Drop becomes America's favorite brand of Suicide Booth.
  • 200?(quite late)Fry's nephew and namesake born to his brother Yancy.
  • 200? – The Loch Ness monster is revealed to be a log with a Halloween mask stapled to it
  • 2010 – Leelu is released into the wild and Fry searches for her with Mr. Panucci's cousin Leroy.
  • 2012
    • War of 2012, in which Conan O'Brien loses his legs.
    • Fry locates Leelu and nearly takes her home but releases her after realizing she is with a male narwhal. Fry returns to New York. Bender blows up Panucci's Pizza in an attempt to kill Fry, but only ends up burning off Fry's hair and damaging his larynx, altering his voice. Fry then freezes himself to return to the future, living under the name "Lars Fillmore". Bender also returns to the future, believing to have killed Fry.
    • Seymour is killed and fossilized as a result of the Panucci's Pizza explosion.
  • 2019Project Satan initiated to create the world's most evil automobile. Calculon, who was then a mindless construction robot arm, is infected with automotive lycanthropy.
  • 20??Philip J. Fry II becomes first man on Mars.
  • 2038Earth's petroleum reserves run out.
  • 2052 – New Yorkers launch their garbage into space, ending the voyage of the garbage barge.
  • 2063
    • Giant blocks of ice start being dropped into the ocean to combat global warming.
    • Lucy Liu again named People magazine's "Sexiest Woman of the Year."
  • 2063+
    • Cyborgs enslave humanity. (Most likely after 2063).
    • Giant carrots enslave humanity.
  • 2100 – (circa; likely between 2068-2136) The alien FXJKHR becomes 60th president.
  • 2159 – Establishment of the Central Bureaucracy.
  • 2200(circa)
    • Pine trees become extinct.
    • Kidnappster begins holding Lucy Liu's Head prisoner.
  • 2208 – Scientists increase the speed of light.
  • 2208 – Uranus is changed to Urrectum, to end annoying joke.
  • 2200s
    • Decapodians (Zoidberg's people) arrive on Earth.
    • Decapodians eat the anchovy species into extinction.
    • Cast of Star Trek: The Original Series does some musical reunion specials; "Welshie" added to cast to replace Scotty, as James Doohan can't yodel.
    • Church of Trek soars in global popularity. Germany re-named "Nazi Planet Episode Land" as a result. The Church's popularity threatens world leaders, leading to the Star Trek Wars (not to be confused with the Star Wars Trek) and banning of the Church and the show; only remaining copies rocketed to Omega III.
    • The ruins of Old New York progressively decay underground, and many of the upper-city's sewer lines are routed through or near them. Eventually, radioactive waste and good ol' American feces turns sewer-dwelling humans into a race of mutants.
  • 2256 (circa) – Spears are used as weapons.
  • 2275Fairness in Hell Act of 2275 passed, stipulating that anyone who can defeat the Robot Devil in a fiddle contest wins a solid gold fiddle and may leave Robot Hell. Losers only get a smaller silver fiddle, and the Robot Devil may kill them at his discretion.
  • 2300s
    • American Express ceases to exist.
    • By the year 3000, "getting twenty-fourth century" is a slang term similar to "getting medieval," implying that the 24th century was a notably primitive and/or violent era, at least by 31st century standards.
  • 2308
    • The Nobel Peace prizes for the union between West and East Coast rappers is given, but then stolen by Bender who comes back in time.
    • At least Stockholm and New York (but presumably the rest of Earth) is destroyed by Bender. This is the first destruction of Earth while Fry was frozen.
  • 2354 – Kwanzaabot begins giving the traditional Kwanzaa gift: a book entitled "What the Hell is Kwanzaa?".
  • 2400s – VISA ceases to exist.
  • 2443 – The second coming of Jesus, who is now a zombie (possibly the reason for Voodoo becoming mainstream). For some unexplained reason, this results in most video cassettes being damaged.
  • 2475Washington DC rededicated to Washington the Sweathog.


Mars University Founded
New New York in the 2850s
Turanga Leela is born and left at the Orphanarium
  • 2500 – (circa) New New York eliminates garbage problem.
  • 2600 – (circa) Chapek 9 colonized by radical robot separatists; Robot Elders carved from meteorites.
  • 2620 – Uranus is renamed Urectum in an attempt to finally stop the "your anus" jokes.
  • 2637Mars University founded.
  • 2600s – New New York elects a supervillain governor who steals many world monuments and relocates them to Monument Beach, placing his face on Mount Rushmore.
  • 2700 – (circa) Cast of Star Trek: The Original Series leaves Earth.
  • 27?? – Last ghosts of humans die off.
  • 2790 – Bender's uncle Vladimir constructed; activated
  • 2801 – Robot Santa Claus constructed; goes berserk.
  • 2841 – (April 9) Professor Hubert Farnsworth born in New New York City.
  • 2849 – Prof. Farnsworth learns to read while still in diapers, evidently at age 8.
  • 2850s – At this time Slurm is being sold as a medicinal tonic. Corruptatron runs for mayor.
  • 2850s/60s– Prof. Farnsworth joins the Academy of Inventors which begins holding annual symposia.
  • 2877 – Prof. Farnsworth finishes graduate school.
  • 2881 – Prof. Farnsworth starts working for Mom's Friendly Robot Company.
  • 2900Ogden Wernstrom given an A minus by Prof. Farnsworth.
  • 2922 – Comedy film A Close Shaving starring Harold Zoid released.
  • 2927 – Prof. Farnsworth builds the fuel-inefficient sport-utility robot, the forerunner of all later robot designs until 3003.
  • 2931 – (Mother's Day) Prof. Farnsworth breaks up with Mom; leaves Mom's Friendly Robot Company.
  • 2945 – Following the Second Galactic War, the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) is formed in Weehawken, New Jersey.
  • 2950 – (circa) Smell-O-Vision invented; Harold Zoid's career hits the skids.
  • 2959Hermes Conrad born.
  • 2960 – Dixie and another human female become Slurm spokescreature Slurms McKenzie's sidekicks.
  • 2962 – Educational film Bigfoot: Endangered Mystery! released.
  • 2963 – A hurricane hits Kingston, Jamaica. There is a foot and a half of water damage. No casualties.
  • 2975Turanga Leela born in the sewers of New New York City and left at an orphanarium, where she is assumed to be an alien.
  • 2970Elzar begins his 20-plus year televised cooking show career by replacing Helmut Spargle.
  • 2972DOOP drills Vergon 6 and discovers it to be full of Dark Matter. They hire Mom to lead the mining of dark matter. Mom uses Mom's Friendly Robot Company to make robot slaves, until Robot Lincoln ends slavery.
  • 2980 – The 2980 Olympics are held; Hermes Conrad competes for Earth in the limbo event, and a child imitating him fatally injures his back.
  • 2983Decapodians begin the tradition of Claw-Plach.
  • 2989 – Prof. Farnsworth begins culturing his clone, Cubert Farnsworth. Dwight Conrad born the same week.
  • 2992Dr. Zoidberg begins working at Planet Express.
  • 2997Bender Bending Rodriguez constructed, activated.
  • 2999 – (circa) The previous crew of the Planet Express are killed by space bees, eaten by a space wasp.
  • 2999 – (December 31) Fry is un-frozen after 1000 years. He flees the implantation of his permanent career assignment chip and eventually meets up with Bender Bending Rodriguez. The two of them are pursued by Turanga Leela, who later has a change of heart and removes her own career chip.
  • 2??? – Sometime before 3001 a cure for heart attacks is found.
  • 2??? – The vast migration of Star Wars fans. Also known as the Star Wars Trek



The Cruiseship Titanic is sucked into a black hole


Cubert Farnsworth is released from his cloning tank
The second Omicronian invasion of Earth and the death of Free Waterfall Jr.
  • February — March
    • Shortly before 14 February (Valentine's Day) Fry, Amy and Zoidberg get in a terrible car crash on Europa, Fry's head is grafted to Amy's body.
    • Fry's ex-girlfriend Michelle unfrozen.
    • Pauly Shore unfrozen for the 1000 year anniversary of Jury Duty II: Trouble on the Hubble
    • Bender joins the Ultimate Robot Fighting League.
  • April
    • (9th) Cubert Farnsworth removed from cloning tank; designated Prof. Farnsworth's successor.
  • April — December


  • January — July
  • August
  • September
    • (21st) the Planet Express Crew travel back in time to Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.
  • September — December
    • Three-time Grammy winner and teen singer Wendy found dead in her bathtub at the age of 18
    • Star Trek convention held on forbidden planet Omega 3; Welshie killed.


Leela discovers her true origins
Decapodians invade Earth
Fry makes a deadly deal with the Robot Devil
  • January — February
    • Kif and Leela's offspring born.
    • Turanga Leela finds out her true origins.
  • February
    • (14th) (Valentine's Day) Bender dates the ship, dumps it, the ship doesn't take the break-up well and almost crashes itself into a quasar. The crew dumps their cargo of candy hearts into the quasar causing a mystical love radiation that spreads across the universe destroying many, many planets, including two gangster planets and a cowboy world.
  • February — December


  • 3004
    • Fry and the Nibblonians defeat the Brain Spawn permanently by banishing them to an alternate pocket dimension.
    • Earth conquers the Spiderians of Tarantulon 6; Nixon's head refunds everyone $300.
    • The 3004 Olympics are held on Earth. Hermes Conrad competes for Jamaica in the five hundred meter limbo but is disqualified. Bender wins five gold medals in various fembots' bending events competing for the fictitious Grand Duchy of Robonia under the name Coilette.
    • Fry makes a deal with the Robot Devil and becomes a notable holophonor star. However, his holophonor opera Leela: Orphan of the Stars, while performed with great success in the first act, flops as a result of the Robot Devil's interference.
  • 3005 – The 'Brainless Drones' who run the Box Network cancel Planet Express's license to make deliveries.


  • November — December
    • The people who cancelled Planet Express's license are fired for incompetence and then beaten up. Most die from their injuries and are ground into a pink powder used for various reasons. Planet Express are allowed back on the air.
    • Nudist alien scammers take control of Planet Express and eventually Earth and send Bender back in time to steal Earth's treasures. The Planet Express crew kill the scammers by firing a doomsday device at the their spaceship.
    • Fry travels back in time to New York in 2000 to resume his old life
    • Leela falls in love with Lars Fillmore and nearly marries him. The wedding is called off after Hermes is decapitated again.
The Anomaly


  • January — December
    • Lars and Nudar are killed, afterwards Lars is revealed to be a time paradox duplicate of Fry. Lars is buried at Orbiting Meadows.
    • Bender is ordered to go back in time to put the tattoo on Fry's butt in the first place, but due to Bender's illogical screw up of time, a rip in space is created.
    • A scientific conference is held about the Anomaly.
    • Bender becomes a member of the League of Robots, eventually becoming its leader.
    • Yivo begins forcing shklis tentacles through the Anomaly and mates with everyone in the universe.
    • Yivo takes everyone in the universe out on a date and later proposes, causing everyone on Earth to move onto shkler.
    • Bender and his army drag Yivo into their universe to save humanity.
    • Yivo breaks up with humanity and leaves for shklis universe through the Anomaly, which closes forever.
    • Dark Matter prices tripled and are $9.99 per ball. Mombil profits greatly.
    • Space Demolition Derby held. Planet Express Ship wins.
    • Bender becomes insane from playing Dungeons and Dragons.
    • Professor Farnsworth infiltrates Mom's dark matter mine in Alaska to get revenge for being dumped by making dark matter useless as fuel, with the Anti-backwards crystal.
    • Cornwood is created and destroyed.
    • All dark matter everywhere is useless as fuel.
    • Professor Farnsworth harnesses Nibblonians as a temporary form of transportation.
    • The Planet Express Ship (and presumably other spacecraft) is converted to run on Whale Oil.


3010 — 3999

  • 3023
    • Kif and Leela's offspring crawl back onto land as children.

4000 —

  • 4972
    • The book "A Brief History of Time Travel" is released. Using time travel, it seems to have been reappeared in the year 3007.
  • 7 billion A.D.
    • A mucus-based universe formed from Zapp's sneeze develops humanoid life-forms.

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