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<poem>'''Mr. Wong''': First of all, it 12% . Second, yes, you betcha.</poem>
<poem>'''Mr. Wong''': First of all, it 12% . Second, yes, you betcha.</poem>
<poem>'''Leela''': But you have no idea what life forms might be evolving out there.</poem>
<poem>'''Leela''': But you have no idea what life forms might be evolving out there.</poem>
<poem>'''Mr. Wong'''': That's exactly why I'm hiring an impartial scientist to perform an environmental survey. That's him in the money shower.</poem>
<poem>'''Mr. Wong''': That's exactly why I'm hiring an impartial scientist to perform an environmental survey. That's him in the money shower.</poem>
:''[Farnsworth is in the money shower, giggling.]''
:''[Farnsworth is in the money shower, giggling.]''
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<poem>'''Mr. Wong''': Already approved, you cackling hens. So get out, or I'll have vice-president Agnew's headless body throw you out.</poem>
<poem>'''Mr. Wong''': Already approved, you cackling hens. So get out, or I'll have vice-president Agnew's headless body throw you out.</poem>
<poem>'''Leela''': I'd like to see him try.</poem>
<poem>'''Leela''': I'd like to see him try.</poem>
<poem>'''Nixon'''': Me, too. Should look funny. Sic 'em, Agnew.</poem>
<poem>'''Nixon''': Me, too. Should look funny. Sic 'em, Agnew.</poem>
:''[Agnew breaks his club in half and wanders toward the women.  Leela bumps into a parked golf cart and causes it to roll down a hill, toward Agnew.]''
:''[Agnew breaks his club in half and wanders toward the women.  Leela bumps into a parked golf cart and causes it to roll down a hill, toward Agnew.]''
<poem>'''Nixon''': Runaway golf cart!</poem>
<poem>'''Nixon''': Runaway golf cart!</poem>

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Transcript for
Into the Wild Green Yonder
Transcribed byMini-Me

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[Pan over space, planets and meteors.]
[A green light claps in them middle of the screen and a pulsing, green ripple expands outward. Cut to a violet star.]
[One of the green waves passes over the system and the planets all glow a light green. Zoom into the largest celestial body in the system and into a bubbling pool of liquid in a crater where a strand of DNA is formed. The strand fades into a roller coaster track in Mars Vegas. Some of the Planet Express crew and other characters fly across the screen in a roller coaster car. A parody of the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign says "Welcome to Fabulous Mars Vegas."]
[The opening credits start, with a theme song that is almost exclusively tubular bells.]

Seth MacFarlane (singing): You and I will be reborn,
In a future place and time,
If everything our Hindu brethren say is true.
In an age of things that hover,
You and I will still be lovers,
And we'll say to ourselves
That was then and this is, too.
'Cause we'll still find the happening hot spots,
We'll still cruise the cool casinos.
You'll still fly me to the moon,
Although the moon to which you fly me,
Could be Phobos or Deimos.
The psychic worms from Rigel Nine,
Who control everything we do,
Will make us think that was then,
And 3010 is exactly the same as 1962.
Don't expect any changes, my friend,
That was then and this is, too.

[Scene: A hover grand stand is filled with a crowd of people who overlook Mars Vegas from far away.]

Bender: Wow, Mars Vegas. Long live the eternal city.

Mr. Wong: Two, one, zero!

[He pushes down a plunger and Mars Vegas is levelled by a large explosion.]

Bender: Rest in hell, Crapville!

[Scene: A large worm moves through the desert of Mars.]

Mrs. Wong: Out here in the desert, we’re gonna build bigger, better Vegas.

Mr. Wong: Bathtubs size of oceans, hookers size of bouncers.

Bender: [He blubbers.] Hamburger!

[The worm has stopped at a station.]

Worm Announcer: Stand clear of the closing jaws.

[Scene: The group stands in a construction site of a new hotel.]

Bender: Yo, you need any girders bent, I know a guy.

Amy Wong: So what's gonna be over there, Dad?

Mr. Wong: That? That the oasis. [A bulldozer destroys a small area of trees and grass. A tree was missed, so a man sets it on fire with a flame thrower.] Future site of Oasis Hotel. [He laughs.] Take that, you stupid Mother Nature.

[A car door closes. Pan over to the Feministas standing behind the caution perimeter with protest signs.]

Frida Waterfall: Okay. Let's hit him hard.

Feministas: This land is your land. This land is my land

Fry: Who are you noisy women?

Frida: I'm Frida Waterfall, leader of the Greenorita Eco-Feminist Collective, and we will not let you man-doze this beautiful gyno-desert.

Mr. Wong: Well, I'm Leo Wong, and I say, "Boom!"

[He pushes down a plunger and the Feministas are send flying into the air from an explosion. Everybody else laughs as they fall back to the surface. Frida lands on Fry and it is revealed that her Femi-necklace has lodged in his brain. Everybody gasps.]

Frida: Hey, what happened to my femi-necklace? And where's my mega-fem?

[The megaphone hits her in the head and she is knocked out. Zoidberg rushes to Fry with a stethoscope.]

Professor Farnsworth: Is he badly hurt, Dr. Zoidberg?

Zoidberg: I don't quite know how to say this. (Sobbing:) Fry is dead!

[Everybody starts sobbing, but then Fry groans and wakes up.]

Zoidberg: Wait, not dead. The other thing.

Mr. Wong: Damn eco-broads! You can't even spray for eagles without upsetting these kooks. [He sprays a tree and two eagles fall out, then a cave man falls out.]

Leela: Now, hang on. Before you do construction, don't you have to make sure you're not harming any native species?

Mr. Wong: You mean, cursory environmental survey? Already done! By top scientist.

[He interrupts Farnsworth counting a wad of cash.]

Farnsworth: Err, what? Oh, my, yes. You've got the go-ahead, Mr. Wong. This place is deader than last year's cat.

Leela: No, it's not! There's precious life right here in this scum puddle. [He holds up a desert muck leech.]

Farnsworth: Ah! Cyprinodon martius. The desert muck leech. Amazingly, the entire species lives in this one tiny stink hole. (To Mr. Wong:) Killing these will be so much easier than exterminating those ponies.

[He imitates a pony, then imitates a machine gun, then imitates a dying pony.]

Leela: Wait a second. Leeches may not be cuddly like pandas or tribbles, but these poor endangered creatures deserve... [She pets the leech, it makes a noise and then it bites and clamps onto her neck.] Get off me! [She throws it to the ground.]

Bender: I'll get it with my trusty foot cups: Stompy and Smashy.

[Bender tries repeatedly to squish the creature, but Leela bends over to stop him from trying.]

Leela: No, don't kill it! We have to...

[When she bends over, the leech bites onto her neck again. She runs off-screen screaming. Mr. Wong is seen pouring a bag of Poison Cement into the hole the leech came from. He then directs a large parking lot paving machine to roll over the area.]

Mr. Wong: There. They're not endangered anymore. They're extinct. [He chuckles.]

Leela: No, they're not. I saved this one. And I'm gonna raise it and care for it, so the world will forever know what it's lost. [The leech then bites her eye and she screams.] You freaking slime wad! [She pulls is off her eye and stomps on it, then stops.] No. I killed it. It was the last of its kind. [The creature comes back to life and bites onto her knee.] Mother-(bleep). Let go of me, you... [She holds her leg up and fries the leech with a laser from her Wristlomojacker.] Poor thing.

[It flies back at her neck and clamps on again. She screams as the camera pans over the Mr. Wong and Fry. Mr. Wong kicks Fry's leg twice to wake him up.]

Mr. Wong: Tell you what, Fry. You all promise not to sue me, I give you token for free entry in poker tournament. [He slips a poker chip into Fry's pocket on his shirt while Fry is still somewhat unconscious.] He took it, you all saw it!

Bender: Maybe we did, maybe we didn't. [Leela runs across the screen behind them, battling the leech still.] What's in it for me, Bender?

Mr. Wong: Okay, okay. Come back when New Vegas opens, I give you all free rooms, free dinner and free tickets to Celine Dion.

Bender: Lose the Celine Dion tickets and you got yourself a deal.

Mr. Wong: All right, damn it, done!

[The crew cheers.]

Bender: All right, I scored.

[Scene: The Wong Hotel & Casino is completed. The crew is playing a row of slot machines.]

Zoidberg: Look out, Vegas, I've got a system. [He inserts a quarter and pulls the lever while laughing. The rolls of the machine land on "OUT OF ORDER," "OUT OF ORDER" and "NO REFUNDS."] Oh. I'm bankrupt.

Fry: [He chuckles.] You said it, Hermes. He is pathetic, but lovable.

Hermes: Yup. What? I said no such thing, man.

Fry: I am not acting weird, Leela. Why is everyone talking at once?

Leela: Fry, calm down and stop braining.

Amy: Yeah, Fry, maybe you need to-

Fry: You're right, Amy! Maybe I do need some fresh air.

Bender: Man, I'm worried about him. But not enough to stop gambling for even a single second.

[He uses his quarter on a string to scam the slot machine and pulls on the lever. He gets three Leo Wong heads.]

Three Leos on the Machine: You win, damn it!

[Quarters are dispensed from the machine as bells are going off.]

Bender: [He laughs.] It's all in the wrist. [He unscrews his hand from his wrist and sucks up the quarters like a vacuum. He sucks quarters out of Farnsworth's pocket as well.]

[Scene: A street in Mars Vegas. Traffic has filled the streets. Cut to Fry's eyes as he walks down the sidewalk of pedestrians.]
[There is overlapping chatter.]

Fry: Voices always yelling. Who - who said that? I'm not insane. Stop it. Stop talking in me!

[Fry runs into a close alley.]

Hutch Waterfall: Voices bothering you, man? I've been there. You need one of these doodangs. [He taps on his foil hat.]

Fry (Over the chatter): A foil hat? Of course, he likes pastrami. What about the dog's testicles? [Hutch puts his foil hat on Fry's head and the voices quiet.] Hey, it worked. The voices stopped.

Hutch: They've got a huge selection of carburetors... Hang on. Hang on. [He searches through a dumpster for a new hat and finds one with some pizza stuck to it.] That's better. My name's Hutch.

Fry: Hi, Hutch. So what's with the obnoxious, shrieking voices? Are my fillings picking up The View?

Hutch: No, man. Truth is, it's other people's thoughts. You're a mind reader.

Fry: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Although, actually, it was sort of obvious.

Hutch: You don't believe me? Take off the helmet.

Fry: I believe you.

Hutch: Seriously, do it. [Fry sighs and takes his hat off.] (Telepathically): Testing, testing. Do you read me?

Fry (Telepathically): Loud and clear.

Hutch: What?

Fry: I said, "Loud and clear." Only I said it with my thinker, not my talker.

Hutch: Whoa! Freaky. Why can't I read your thoughts?

Fry: I don't know. Wait. What's that about a secret society?

Hutch: Never mind that. Just keep the foil on and you'll be okay. Also, it'll keep the Dark Ones from incinerating your brain.

Fry: That's a plus.

Hutch: And don't ever, ever, ever tell anyone you can read minds, or the Dark Ones will get you like that. [He poorly snaps his fingers.] Hang on, pizza grease. Like that. [He snaps his fingers and Fry let's out a concerned wail.]

[Scene: Many robots are walking into a theatre that is presenting Gearotica. In the theatre, robot performers are lowered from the ceiling and dance with the music.]

Clamps: Jeez, get a load of the batteries on her. I'd like to get my clamps on those. Give her a jump, you know what I mean? [He laughs alone.]

Donbot: Whoa, whoa. Show some decorum there, Clamps. This ain't no strip show. This is a beguiling display of the pornographic arts.

Joey Mousepad: Yo, Skip, I can see a guy's butt.

Michael's Wife: Oh, Michael, this is the perfect end to a perfect honeymoon.

Michael: I love you so much.

[They move in to kiss, but Bender lands between them.]

Bender: Is this seat taken?

Michael: Actually, we...

Bender: Slide me those chicken wings. So what part of Podunk you rubes from?

Michael: The north-eastern.

[Bender belches fire after drinking a bottle of red wine.]
[Two robots on stage move their hips on a gear until they are close enough to exchange a compact disc from one slot to another. The crowd applauds.]

Announcer: Monsieurs et mademoiselles, our circus of the senses now arrives by steamboat in New Orleans, circa 2873. The muted lament of a trombone resonates through the fog, which lingers even now, months after the attack of the fog monster. With but one hope of restoring Gearoticus to his throne, our sensual fate rests in the gyrations of... Fanny.

[Fog covers the stage, but is blown away by the air movement from Fanny's fan, which is fixed to her rear end.]

Bender: Oh. [He stops eating and watches Fanny move her fan around on stage. He stammers and his eyes extend out of his head to zoom in. They extend out farther, then his antenna extends and the woman next to him gasps.]

[Scene: Bender is scatting as he walks toward Fanny's dressing room door with flowers hidden behind him. He knocks on the door and Fanny answers.]

Fanny: Yes?

Bender: I'm Bender. Let's do it. [He holds out the flowers.]

[The two stare at each other for a few seconds until the Donbot comes out of the dressing room with his gun cocked and pointed at Bender.]

Donbot: Who is it, the Feds?

Bender: [He gasps.] Aren't you the Donbot, head of the Robot Mafia?

Donbot: Allegedly. And this is my beloved wife, Fanny, whose honor I would proudly defend with a power drill. Well, I gotta go drown a stoolie.

[As soon as the bathroom door closes Bender and Fanny start kissing, Fanny's fan is spinning. Suddenly the Donbot opens the door and Bender and Fanny quickly separate]

Donbot: I'm gonna be in here a while, so do me a favor and drive my wife home. It's one of them self-driving cars, so just sit in the back and do whatever.

[They start kissing again. Fanny twangs Bender's antenna.]

Fanny: Oh, Bender, your lips are intoxicating. It's like kissing an ashtray full of hot wings.

[They resume kissing and fall to the floor.]

Bender (As if he were speaking through a fan): Aww yeahh!

[Scene: Fry is peacefully walking down a street. He stops and lift his hat off. The voices grow louder and louder until he puts his hat back on.]

Fry (Telepathically): My God, I really can read minds. I have a superpower! There must be something great I can do with this.

[He gasps. Cut to Fry standing in front of a Women's locker room door. He removes his hat and quickly walks in.]

Fry: Hello, ladies, I can read your thoughts. [Punches are heard and Fry is thrown out of the room.] Oh, wait, that's invisibility.

[Fry walks by a banner for Leo's Poker Tournament, back tracks to it and gasps.]

Fry (Telepathically): Poker. With my mind-reading abilities and my invisibility... Wait, no, just the mind reading. I can't lose!

Fry: Sign me up for the tournament, please.

Administrator: Okey-doke, Jiffy Pop. Entry fee's 50,000 smackers.

Fry: 50,000? Drat, all I have is my life savings and a token for free admission to this poker tournament.

Administrator: Close enough. [He puts the wad of cash in his breast pocket.]

[Scene: "ELZAR'S AT THE WONG" - The crew plus Fanny is occupying a booth in the restaurant.]

Amy: You're having an affair with the head of the robot mafia's wife?

Bender (Off-screen): Yup, this is her I'm making out with.

[The entire table is shown, Bender and Fanny are laying in the center of it kissing.]

Hermes: Bender, are you crazy?

Bender: No, it's Fry who's crazy in this one.

Fry: Psht, I'm not crazy.

Leela: You sure you're okay, Fry? I mean, you do have tin foil on your head.

Fry: So? You've got a leech on your neck. Oh, and speaking of sucking on your neck, want to go to a movie later?

Elzar: Hey, there! How are you folks doing tonight?

Bender: Great. What are the specials?

Elzar: Well, let's see now. We've got a wonderful grizzly bear that's been dipped in cornmeal and lightly tormented. Questions?

Amy: What was the bear's name?

Elzar: Jojo.

Amy: Ooh, I'll have him.

[Cut to the entrance of the restaurant, Donbot, Joey Mousepad and Clamps walk in. Fanny gasps, Bender yelps and moves half of his head into his body.]

Bender: Hide me!

Joey Mousepad: Hey, Donbot, ain't that your wife what with you had that wedding with?

Fanny: [While sauntering over to Donbot looking rather bloated.] Donbot, honey! What a pleasant shock! I was just having dinner alone, when suddenly you walk in on us.

Donbot: Alone, huh?

[Her body groans and Bender comes shooting out of her chest cavity.]

Bender: Where am I? I was exploring a wormhole through space many light years from this restaurant, when suddenly I was surrounded by darkness. (To Fanny:) Hot, sexy darkness. [He purrs sensually.] Oh, why, hello, Donbot! Hello, miss, have we met? [He shakes Fanny's hand.] I'm Bender. The world's most sexual robot. I mean, the world's most boundary-respecting robot.

Donbot: Nice to see you, Bender. Welcome back to our universe. Listen, sugar, I stuck up the Burlington Coat Factory and got you a little something. It's a $49 value.

[He puts a white fur coat on her and she spins her fan and squeals with delight.]

Danny: Donbot, I love you! (To Bender:) Not really.

Bender: Man, this is great! I always wanted to nail a dame in a fur coat, and now's my chance. [He catches himself.] I mean, if you'll introduce me to one, sir. (To Fanny:) One as sexy as you, baby! Bender out. [He struts away while humming/scatting. Zoom on Donbot's eyes, they squint, showing Donbot is onto Bender.]

[Establishing shot of the Wong Hotel & Casino. Scene: Fanny and Bender walk through the Casino.]

Fanny: I never felt so alive, Bender. Listen, this turquoise-encrusted bra is worth 50 grand. Let's sell it and run off before the Donbot gets wise.

Bender: [He sighs.] No. It will take a lot more money than that to make a girl like you happy.

Fanny: No, it won't.

Bender: Yeah, it will. Shut up! We'll run off, but not till after I win the Universal Poker Championship! [He raises his hand to reveal his plan, reaches into Fanny's bosom, rips out the bra and slams it on the Administrator's counter.] One entry, please.

Fanny: Bender, no! You can't beat the best players in the universe. You're not lucky enough.

Bender: Oh, no? I'm 40% lucky. [He bangs on his chest twice.] The scrap metal I'm made from included a truckload of horseshoes from the luckiest racehorses in Mexico, who had just been sent to a glue factory.

Fanny: They don't sound so lucky to me.

Bender: Not without their shoes.

[Scene: The Hip Joint Janitor walks up to the railing of a casino that has a "Dancing Fountains" display in front of it. He dumps a bottle of Diet Slurm and a pack of Mentos into the water and the show begins. Pan over to Bender, who is getting his foot cups polished by a machine. He is cheerfully humming again and Fanny walks up to him.]

Fanny: Here, Bendy, take this. It will give you 70% more luck. It's the Donbot's lucky robot's foot.

Bender: All right! With two kinds of luck, I can't lose.

Bender: No, wait, three. I stepped on a leprechaun.

[Joey Mousepad and Clamps stop in their car when they see Bender and Fanny together.]

Joey Mousepad: Yo, you see this over here over there?

Clamps: I'm powering up the clamps.

[Scene: An old store titled "SMALL BILL'S LAUNDERING." The mafia trio sit in the back of the shop.]

Donbot: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let us not rush to judgment.

Joey Mousepad: But, Skip, that was your lucky robot's foot what came off of your lucky leg.

Donbot: [He turns his chair to the side and shows his missing appendage.] While it is true that I did wake up with only one foot this morning, there is no proof that my beloved Fanny was involved. Aside from the hacksaw I found under her pillow.

Clamps: Well, what about that Bender guy? You want I should give him the clamps?

Donbot: Not yet, Clamps. Only one thing can prove that he has my lucky foot.

Clamps: Torture with the clamps or a clamp-like device?

Donbot: No. We are gonna sit tight and see if he wins the poker tournament. He does, that proves he's packing my lucky foot, in which event...

Clamps: The clamps! Or a clamp-like device.

[Scene: Penn & Teller are hosting the 3009 Universal Poker Tournament at the Wong Hotel.]

Penn Jillette: Welcome viewers who fell asleep with the TV on! It's the 3009 no-limit hold 'em championship. [The crowd cheers.] I'm the massive head of Penn Jillette, and here with a color commentary, my partner Teller. [Teller's head is floating in his own jar. As always, he is deceased.] Our act really didn't change much when he died.

Bender: Pardon me, I'm new to this game. Is this duffle bag big enough for all your money? [He laughs and sits down at the table.]

Fry: [He walks up to the table.] Bender? Oh, boogers. We're in the same tournament. Quick, get your entry fee back before I bankrupt you.

Bender: Pfft! In your dreams, nutloaf.

Fry: Bite my shiny metal hat.

[Graphic: "HAND 1." Leo Wong is the dealer.]

Penn Jillette (Whispering): Tex Connecticut, the pride of Kansas City, first to act. [He has a Queen and a Nine and calls the blinds.] Smiley Spiff, up next. [He has a Jack and a Ten and also calls.] Looks like Boobs Vanderbilt has a decent pair. Also, she's got two eights. [She calls.] And Bender Rodriguez picks up a lucky deal right off the bat. [He calls as well.]

[Fry looks at his cards. Two Kings. He lifts his hat up a bit and reads Bender's mind.]

Bender (Telepathically): Woo! Two aces. I'm thinking guitar solo. [He mimics a guitar solo.]

Fry: He puts his hat back down.] I fold.

Penn Jillette: Holy crap! A stunning play by mentally ill newcomer Philip Fry. It's almost as if he knew Bender had two aces.

[Pull out of Penn's shot to reveal that he is sitting 20 or so feet from the game table.]

'Boobs Vanderbilt: Bender has two aces? I'm out.

Tex Connecticut: I'm out.

Lrrr: I'm out.

Bender: [He laughs and pulls in the chips.] Suck my luck!

[Joey Mousepad, Donbot and Clamps are sitting in the audience.]

Donbot: See this gun? [He holds up a gun, but then he crumples it in his hand.] That's what I'm gonna do to Bender if he wins.

[Graphic: "Hand 6." Fry wins. Graphic: "Hand 13." Bender wins the pot, a gold watch and a human baby. Graphic: "Hand 79."]

Lrrr: All in. Call my mighty bid at your peril. [He growls at the table. Fry lifts his hat.] (Telepathically): My cards are awful, and I need a hug.

Fry: I call your bluff.

[Fry wins the hand. Lrrr growls at Fry.]

Lrrr: I shall annihilate... Fry hugs him.] (Sobbing:) I just wanted to make my daddy proud.

Lrrr's Father: Well, you didn't. I want you and your junk moved out by Monday.

Penn Jillette: It's getting pretty intense, folks. Based on the state of decomposition of Teller's head, we're now in hour 19 of the tournament. And the first bad deal of the night for Bender.

Bender: Hey, pal, help me out here. [He holds up his cards - a Seven and a Two.] This is the worst possible hand, right?

Tex Connecticut: I'm all in.

Bender: All in! I mean, fold. Whatever.

Penn Jillette: [Leo deals the flop.] Well, Bender's luck just ran out. No card can save him from elimination.

[Cut back to the table. A giant prop card falls on Tex Connecticut's neck and incapacitates him.]

Boobs Vanderbilt: Oh, my gourds! He's dead. [A card falls on her as well.]

[The killer cards total 21.]

Leo Wong: 21, winner! [He pushes the chips to Bender.]

Bender: Wooo! I'm so full of luck, it's shooting out like luck diarrhoea.

Penn Jillette: Wake up, poker fans! We're down to our final two players in heads-up action for the Championship. Your perspective, Teller? [A rat eats Teller's left eye.]

[Leo deals cards to Bender and Fry. Fry looks at his cards then raises his hat and looks at Bender, who has yet to look at his cards. Bender refuses to look at his cards. Cut to Donbot who is watching from the crowd and tries to crack his knuckles. He breaks off all of his fingers in the process.]

Bender: All in.

[The crowd gasps.]

Fry: But-but, you didn't even look at your cards!

Bender: Looking at one's cards is a crutch for players who rely on skill.

[Fry lifts his hat again. Bender is scatting like a guitar. Fry lowers his hat and gulps.]

Leo Wong: Any day now, Fry. You in or out?

[Fry stammers as he looks for an answer.]

Bender: What's the matter, Fry, you scared? Or just [He spins his head around and wiggles in fingers] crazy? [He laughs.]

Fry: All right, all in. [Leo deals the cards.] Yes! Four aces!

Bender: [Fry moves in to take the pot.] Ah-ah-ah. Read 'em and weep, and then tell me what they are.

Leo Wong: Two kings. And with three on the board, that gives Bender five kings.

[The crowd gasps.]

Fry: But how is that...

Penn Jillette: I don't believe it. Bender has just been dealt the King of Beers, a coaster from the bar that somehow got mixed into the deck. But it still counts!

[The crowd cheers and music begins playing.]

Leo Wong: Bender win the Championship!

Bender: [He eats the money.] That's some good money. [He then belches fire.]

Fanny: [She comes running over with a suitcase.] You did it, Bender. You're the greatest.

Bender: Tell me something I don't know, sweetass. Now, let's boogie. We'll be in Space Tahiti before the Donbot knows what hit him.

[As Bender is walking away from the table, he throws the Donbot's lucky robot's foot behind him and it strikes the Donbot in the face.]

Donbot: Now I am suspicious.

[Scene: A desert on Mars at night. Bender and Fanny are digging holes. They are illuminated by the Donbot's car headlights.

Bender: Okay, we finished digging this shallow grave. Can we go now?

[The mafia trio then shoot Fanny and Bender for a while with machine guns. Part way through the shooting, Donbot stops to check the time and then resumes his firing. Cut to them driving away from the filled in graves.]

[Scene: The Planet Express ship lands in the desert.]

Fry (Sobbing): Poor Bender left me one last voicemail before the Robot Mafia buried him in the desert.

Bender (On cell phone): Fry, old friend, before I die, I just wanted to say... [Beep.] Hang on, I'm getting another call. Hello? [The gun fire commences and Bender screams.]

Hermes: Line up, people! Everyone take a shovel and one sixth of the planet. We'll meet back here in 50 years, our bodies broken and our lives wasted.

Zoidberg: And you say these are free shovels?

[There is a rumbling and a hole begins to form in the sand near them. As the dust settles Bender walks out of the hole with Fanny.]

Bender: I'm back, baby.

Fry: Bender! I thought the Robot Mafia killed you.

Bender: Nah, they just shot us and buried us a few times as a warning.

Fanny: Bender was so brave. He never stopped making out with me the whole time they were shooting us.

Bender: I sure didn't.

[Joey Mousepad pulls up with his car in the background.]

Fanny: I gotta get back to my husband, baby. Will I see you tonight?

Bender: Probably not.

[Scene: Mr. Wong is playing mini golf at his country club.]

Mr. Wong: It's a 14-footer with a clown hazard. What club you recommend, Baggy?

Baggy: As on every hole, I suggest the putter.

Fry: Your golf club sure is classy, Mr. Wong. Naked statue classy.

[Mr. Wong putts and ends up far from the hole and curses in Mandarin.]

Leela: It is very nice. I just wish Amy and I didn't have to wear these sexist badges on our melons. [They stand up and show their badges that say "WOMAN."]

Amy: We're lucky even to play as guests, Leela. Dad's club has a very strict "No girls allowed" policy.

[Mr. Wong putts again and misses, then curses wildly again.]

Leela: That doesn't seem fair.

Amy: It really is. Everybody knows women don't have the focus to play miniature golf at a professional level.

[Amy makes her putt right through the clown's legs and lands it right next to the hole.]

Leela: But that's the best shot of the day!

Mr. Wong: Is that my ball? I think that my ball.

[He claims Amy's ball as his own, but still misses his small putt and curses in Mandarin again.]

Amy: Pfft, great putt, Dad.

Mr. Wong: Okay, we're done.

[The sprinklers turn on.]

Leela: Mr. Wong, how do you keep this place so green in the middle of the desert? Doesn't that waste a lot of water?

Mr. Wong: Nah, we got plenty water, pumped directly from flamingo lake. [The flamingos sitting in the lake are sucked into the drain with all of the water.] They'll be fine. [Pink feathers are expelled from the sprinklers.]

[Scene: The four are travelling in a golf cart.]

Mr. Wong: Oh, yeah, I love miniature golf. Love everything about it, except how damn miniature it is. That's why I'm building the universe's biggest miniature golf course.

[A crane picks up a ball the size of the golf car and drops it into a large cannon.]

Mr. Wong: This the first tee.

Fry: Where's the hole?

Mr. Wong: On Pluto's moon, Hydra. It's a six-billion-mile par-two. Tough shot, even for a man. [Leela groans. Mr. Wong adjusts the cannon with a dial near the tee. He strikes the button that fires the ball and everybody rushes over to a row of binoculars.] (Leo VO): Around the sun. Bank off Jupiter. And right into the... [The ball lands short of the hole and Mr. Wong curses in Mandarin.] I'll be right back. [He gets in a golf cart that has a dome over it and flies to Hydra. Fry, Leela and Amy watch from the binoculars. Mr. Wong smacks the giant ball his his putter, but it stops on the edge of the hole. He growls and curses in Mandarin. He bounces over to the ball and smacks his with his putter again, then kicks it.] It dropped in! Put me down for a two.

Amy: Two. [She writes down 8.]

Mr. Wong: Keep in mind, that just the first hole. For full course, we gonna bulldoze this entire arm of the Milky Way.

Leela: What? You're gonna wipe out 10% of the galaxy for a stupid golf course?

Mr. Wong: First of all, it 12% . Second, yes, you betcha.

Leela: But you have no idea what life forms might be evolving out there.

Mr. Wong: That's exactly why I'm hiring an impartial scientist to perform an environmental survey. That's him in the money shower.

[Farnsworth is in the money shower, giggling.]

[Scene: The Planet Express Ship is flying through a field of asteroids. A light from the turret on the ship scans the space boulders for life.]

Fry (VO): Delivery boy's log. Having fallen asleep on what I thought was the toilet, I awoke to find the environmental survey in progress.

Farnsworth: Status reports, Science Officer.

Bender: Zilcho. No sign of life or intelligence. [He laughs.] (Telepathically): Just like Fry on a date.

Fry: [He laughs.] Hey!

Leela: Okay, so we haven't found any life yet. I still don't see why you men can't be happy with regular-sized miniature golf.

Farnsworth: Leela, evolution has programmed our fabulous male brains to take anything anybody else thinks is important and make it bigger. [He takes a slurp of a "128oz. Big Burp."] Have you seen my new 301-inch TV?

[He presses a button on a remote and a large TV descends at the front of the ship.]

Announcer: Hypnotoad is brought to you by the MagnaPhallix 302-inch TV. It's bigger!

Farnsworth: Oh, hell! [He throws his beverage at the TV and it falls apart.]

Bender: [An alarm sounds.] Captain, I'm detecting life on the spock-o-scope!

[Leela gasps. The ship hovers over the planet. Cut to a fish-like creature waddles onto land. It uses its fins as feet and walks around. Pan up to flowers blooming and flying insects pollinating them.]

Leela: It's amazing. It's like a textbook on evolution.

Fry: Except in Kansas.

Bender: But isn't Mr. Wong building the 18th hole here? And the golf pants museum?

Farnsworth: Indeed so. This whole area will be incinerated when he implodes that sun there into a black hole.

Leela: That beautiful violet star?

Farnsworth: It's so you can't keep your ball at the end of the game.

Fry: Yo, that's messed up.

Leela: Well, there won't be any imploding once they read our environmental review. Right, Professor?

Farnsworth: Ohh, twaddle-squat. There's no scientific consensus that life is important.

Bender: Yeah. Life, schmife.

Clip Board: [Farnsworth checks an option.] Approved for demolition.

Leela: It's you and me, ponytail. [He cracks her pony tail like a whip.]

[Scene: Wongminister Miniature Golf Club. Nixon's head pulls up in a limo.]

Guard: We're here, Mr. President.

Richard Nixon's head: Arroo! Let's play some mini-golf.

[The headless body of Agnew, Nixon and Mr. Wong are playing mini-golf. Agnew is putting.]

Nixon: Now, just give it a light tap, Agnew. [Agnew pulls his club up high.] No, no, no, just a light...

[Agnew grunts and sends the ball hurtling away from the tee. Cut to Zoidberg on a diving board high above a pool.]

Zoidberg: Now for a triple clam dip, with a double - [The ball smashes into his head and knocks him on his back.] OW! [He falls off the diving board and lands on the concrete surrounding the pool.] OW!

Nixon: Tough luck, Agnew. Looks like you and Wong owe me a Charleston Chew. [He laughs.]

[The Feministas blast through a hedge and

Feministas: Shut up and hear our wisdom. Shut up and hear our wisdom. Save the ecosystem. Save the ecosystem. Shut up and hear our wisdom! Save the ecosystem!

Nixon: What gives, Wong? You said no chicks allowed.

[Agnew growls.]

Frida: We are the Greenorita Eco-Feminist Collective, and we will not let you...What was it again?

Leela: We will not let you implode the violet dwarf star at galactic coordinates 167.84, -58.03, mark 948.

Mr. Wong: Already approved, you cackling hens. So get out, or I'll have vice-president Agnew's headless body throw you out.

Leela: I'd like to see him try.

Nixon: Me, too. Should look funny. Sic 'em, Agnew.

[Agnew breaks his club in half and wanders toward the women. Leela bumps into a parked golf cart and causes it to roll down a hill, toward Agnew.]

Nixon: Runaway golf cart!

Leela: Look out, Agnew!

[Agnew tries to dodge the cart, but it follows his movements and runs him over.]

Nixon: Whoa!

Mr. Wong: Aah!

Leela: Is... is he okay?

Mr. Wong: No pulse.

Nixon: They killed the headless remains of Agnew. Arrest them!

Frida: All Feministas she-vacuate the premises. I mean "femises."

[The Feministas run away and the presidential guards chase after them. One drives the limo over Agnew's body.]

[Scene: Planet Express Lounge. Nixon is on TV.]

Nixon: My fellow Earthicans, these eco-crooks will face the maximum sentence. For killing a headless torso, that's six weeks.

Bender: Well, this is embarrassing. Here I've been blabbing on for years about killing all humans, and who actually does something about it? Some chick.

Fry: Leela's not a killer, and she's not some chick. She's the chick I love. And don't tell her I called her a chick, or she'll kill me.

[Scene: A hover-copter flows over the city with search lights. The Feministas are hiding in a building with the sign "Eco-Feminist Reading Room" in the window. When the spotlight passes over it, a Feminista switches it to "Something even less popular."]

Frida (through her megaphone): Everyone stay absolutely quiet!

Feminista: That thing's on. Shh!

Feminista: Turn it off!

Frida (through megaphone): Oh, sorry.

Frida: How do you turn it off?

Frida (through megaphone): There. Did that do it?

OTHERS: No. Stop it. Shut up.

Frida: Here's the button here. [An alarm starts wailing from the megaphone.] (Through megaphone): And I think I... Now I got it.

[The megaphone squeals with feedback.]

Leela: Let me give you a hand.

[She pushes a button and it turns off. Frida "shushes" her.]

Frida: This is awful. I never meant for our protest to have any effect. Now what do we do?

Trixie: Maybe we should just surrender and serve our six weeks in jail.

Dixie: Hey, yeah! We could do each other's toenails and make shivs.

Leela: That's crazy. We've done nothing wrong, other than killing and dismembering the vice-president. We need to make a choice, sisters. We can either keep pestering criminals like Leo Wong with silly slogans...

ALL: Yeah. Let's do that.

Leela: Actually, I meant that to be the less preferable alternative. We can either chant slogans or we can take action.

Dixie: What was the first choice again?

Leela: I choose to save the environment by sabotaging Leo Wong's golf course. Who's with me?

Frida: Could we still use our bullhorns?

Leela: Absolutely. Bullhorns are a core principle of eco-feminism.

Frida: Then I'm in.

[They all cheer, then Frida shushes them through her megaphone.]

[Scene: The Feminista's vehicle (A VW Camper) is travelling through space.]

Leela: Who's ready to kick some sweaty man-butt?

[They cheer.]

Dixie: I've got my pointy man-kicking shoes on.

Trixie: Those are cute.

Dixie: Aren't they? I got them at Nine West.

Leela: Simmer down, warriors. Full power to the vagyroscope!

[Cut to a street sweeper-like vehicle cleaning up the rings around a planet.]

Mr. Wong: Those dirty rings. I tried soaking them out, even blasting them out.

[The Camper stops near the cleaning vehicle. Leela and Frida emerge and pour sugar in the fuel filler.]

Frida: Are you sure about this? It would be better for propaganda if we weren't using refined sugar.

Leela: It's okay. The potato we're shoving in the tailpipe is organic.

[She clogs the tail pipe and fly away. The cleaner breaks down.]

Mr. Wong: I smell sabotage. [He sniffs.] Ooh, and potatoes.

[The girls cheer as they fly away from the planet.]

Leela: Now, unfortunately, the media is going to put a negative spin on this, like when we killed that guy, so to win public support, we'll need a lovable mascot.

[Scene: Zoidberg is in a room alone with the muck leech. It is in a glass terrarium in the lounge at Planet Express.]

Zoidberg: :[He picks it up and laughs.] Squirm all you want, you nasty dumpling. One less species for the universe, one more breakfast for...

Leela: Zoidberg?

Zoidberg: Leela. Me saving things the leech. Not the eating of it.

Leela: Zoidberg, I'm very surprised at you, slightly.

[Leela lets the leech clamp onto her arm and Zoidberg stares, then slurps at it. Cut to Leela leaving Planet Express.]

Fry: Psst! Leela.

Leela: Shh! I'm a fugitive.

Fry: I know. I miss you so much, Leela, even more than when you were here.

Leela: I miss you, too, Fry. And you probably think what I'm doing is wrong. But it's something I really care about...

Fry: You don't have to explain, Leela. You're you. That's all I need to know.

Leela: Goodbye, sweet goofbag.

[She walks over to the Camper, knocks twice and gets pulled in. They fly away. Zoom out of just Fry standing on the sidewalk to show Zoidberg and Bender are there as well.]

Bender: :[He sighs.] I'll miss her, too, buddy. Dibs on her iPod.

Zoidberg: Dibs on her- ohh...

[Scene: Fry is walking through the streets of New New York. He comes upon Hutch drinking a bottle of wine in an alley.]

Hutch: Hey, Fry! Long time, man.

Fry: Hey, Hutch! What have you been up to?

Hutch: Same old, same old. Searching the dumpsters, protecting my thoughts with tin foil, peeing myself.

Fry: So, what brings you to Earth?

Hutch: It's top secret. Hey, take off your helmet and I'll think it to you.

Fry: Okay. Here goes.

[Fry removes his hat and is bottled by Hutch. Hutch walks over to a dumpster, knocks twice and it mechanically opens. There is a bright light emitted from it. He throws Fry's limp body in and follows. The lid closes as he gets in. Cut to Fry waking up on a mattress.]

Fry: Where are you? And me?

Hutch: The Great Hall of the Ancient Legion of Madfellows. Welcome, bro.

ALL: Welcome, bro.

Hutch: Sorry I bashed your head in, buddy, but I had to. You see, the fate of the universe depends on you.

Fry: Yeah, I get that a lot.

Hutch: The Grand Curator will tell you more.

Fry: Take me to him.

[He is the man behind Hutch.]

Grand Curator: Hey, man.

Fry: Hey.

Grand Curator: So dig this, Fry. Our commune has been monitoring the universe's life energy for, like, a really long time, and we're grokking some super weird junk.

Fry: Um, I don't mean to be rude, but it's kind of hard to take you seriously when you say junk like "grok" and "junk."

Grand Curator : What about "commune"?

Fry: Especially "commune." Come on, it's the fate of the universe, puff it up a little. Like you could say your ancient order is sensing deep upheaval in the cosmic life energy field.

[Everybody murmurs.]

Grand Curator: Okay. I'll try. So, like, a really, really long time ago... [Fry motions "longer" with his hands.] Eons ago! [Fry gives a thumbs up and he giggles.] Cool. Eons ago, the life force we call Chee permeated the universe. [He presses a button and a hologram is shown in the room.] The Green Chee generated a great upwelling of life across the cosmos. But then, for reasons unknown...

Fry: Ooh. "Reasons unknown." Now that's the sort of hook that grabs the attention of me, the viewer.

Grand Curator: For reasons unknown...

Fry: Nice.

Grand Curator: ...the Chee began to recede, and the diversity of life began to wither. The life forms we know today are but a fraction of a fraction of the magnificence that once existed.

Hutch: But a bunch of dudes, right, they totally passed this far-out knowledge down through the ages.

[The holograms shows previous Madfellows proclaiming the word with their tin foil hats on.]

Grand Curator (VO): Some with this knowledge were called prophets, some, fruitcakes. We, the Legion of Madfellows, are their heirs.

[The current Legion of Madfellows is shown in the hologram.]

Fry: Hey, I'm on TV. [He waves.]

Grand Curator: Well, that's the show. [He turns off the hologram.]

Fry: Neat. What's it got to do with me?

Grand Curator: Ahh, pooperdoodle! I mean, pardon the omission. You see, after untold eternities, we have sensed a resurgence in the Chee.

Fry: Hey, that's the violet dwarf star that Leela wants to save.

Hutch: Freaking nailed it, corndog.

Grand Curator: We believe this star heralds a new green age, and it's your destiny to be its shepherd and protector.

Fry: Me? Why?

Hutch: 'Cause you got, like, no delta brainwave, man. The Dark Ones can't groove off your thoughts.

Grand Curator: Silence, Hutch! You shall learn more in time, Fry. But for now, let's just say we have enemies, enemies who can read minds, except yours. [He points with his foot.]

Fry: Cool. I can't wait to tell Leela.

Grand Curator: No! If you tell anyone, then their thoughts could be read, and our enemies would know of our existence. For the sake of those you love, you must keep this secret. Do you foot-swear?

Fry: Oh, okay. I foot-swear.

[They perform a "foot shake" agreeing to the terms.]

Grand Curator: Good. Now, to save the coming of the green age, you must stop this man.

[Mr. Wong is shown on the hologram.]

Fry: I know him. Leo Wong. I work with his daughter.

Grand Curator: Oh, good, that will cut about 15 minutes of explanation. You must gain Wong's confidence, infiltrate his organization and prevent him from destroying the violet dwarf.

[Fry salutes the Grand Curator with his foot. The act is reciprocated.]

[Scene: Fry is in Mr. Wong's office at the Wongminister Miniature Golf Club.]

Mr. Wong: Looking for a job, eh?

Fry: Yes, sir. Nothing fancy. I'm willing to start at the bottom and infiltrate my way up.

'Mr. Wong: Sorry, no openings right now. (Telepathically): What I need is security guard to keep nutcases out of my office.

Fry: I'm good at keeping nutcases.

Mr. Wong: I said no way. (Telepathically): Security guard gotta be tough. This idiot don't look like he could handle those feministas.

Fry: I look like an idiot who can handle those feministas.

Mr Wong (Telepathically): He'll have to do better than that.

Fry: I'll have to do better than that.

Mr. Wong: Hmm. You and I think a lot alike. You really think you can stand up to those eco-freakos?

Fry: Sir, with me around, they'll be the least of your worries.

[Scene: The 18th hole of Mr. Wong's course. It's a mess of tubes leading to the green from a giant plastic gorilla head.]

Tester: Stand by, men. And manly aliens. Prepare to test fire King Kong hole.

[The manly alien launches the ball at the gorilla. It goes into his mouth and comes out on the green, rolling into the hole for an ace.]

Sal: It workses.

Tester: Good job, men. And manly aliens. Construction of King Kong hole complete.

[The Feministas' camper is approaching in the background.]

Frida: Typical. Always King Kong, never Queen... Quong.

[A few Feministas leap from the Camper onto the green and plant hooks in the turf and the bumper of their vehicle.]

Sal: What are those, hooks? Get out of heres, you hookers. This is my turfs.

[The Camper blats off from the green, pulling the turf with it and sending the asteroid, which the green was placed on, spinning out of control and smashing into the tubes.]

Sal: [He's flying through space.] Helpses!

[The Feministas cheer as they spray the gorilla head with make-up.]

Leela: You go, gorilla !

[Scene: A news broadcast. The vandalized gorilla is used as an image on the story.]

Morbo: Our top story. The string of eco-vandalism that began with a harmless vice-presidential killing has spread across the galaxy.

Linda: Why do you always get to read the top story, Morbo?

Morbo: Because viewers trust a deep male voice and huge, throbbing forehead veins. [They pulse in unison a few times.]

Linda: Not all reaction to the crime spree has been negative. We spoke with several people who viewed these courageous eco-feminists as heroes.

Petunia: I just wish there was some way to... Excuse me. [She coughs roughly.] Some way to show I support 'em. Send them some smokes or something.

Linda: So you make more than twice what I do. What? This just in: Root 2 News has received a video communique from the eco-feminists' unknown hideout.

Leela: This is sub-commander L., den mother of the Feminista Revolutionary Collective, with a message for Leo Wong. Leo, you're a parasite on the universe, and parasites must be destroyed. That's why we've adopted this parasite as our mascot. [The leech snarls against the glass of its case.] I know it's a little confusing. The point is, even this vicious leech has a right to exist, because it's a part of nature. And that's why a vicious leech like Leo Wong must be exterminated. [The Feministas in the background cheer.] Again, confusing. We call on women everywhere to join our struggle against eco-chauvinist Leo Wong. We especially need good communique writers. Feministas unite! [They pound their breasts twice and throw their fists into the air while reciting that last bit.]

Morbo: In other news- [Linda throws her high heel at his head and it becomes lodged in his ear.]

Linda: Feministas unite!