Tube Transport System

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Tube Transport System
Tube Transport System.jpg
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)

The Tube Transport System (TTS) is a form of mass transit. A user announces where he or she wishes to go, and the tube will activate and route them to their desired destination. Users go head first into the tube, giving the user a chance to land on their feet.

The TTS is apparently free of charge, though users may be tracked using biometrics and charged directly to their bank accounts.

The TTS seems to be based on old pneumatic tubes, originally used to transport documents throughout offices (in fact, this can still be seen at the Central Bureaucracy).


Just like in the 20th century, rush hour traffic is still a problem. Citihall had to open a new line of tubes to reduce the traffic (2ACV08).

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The Tube underwater (1ACV01)

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