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Hiya! I'm Bot Mitzvah, and I wonder Ereh stnap fo riap a teg yug a nac erehw? I live in Old New York. I ride the B Train, which (unfortunately) does not make stops at wherever the hell I want. I think you can guess my religion from my username. I'm pretty out of the loop of Futurama, mainly because I'm a cheapskate and watch all of my episodes at the last 'Futurama Site' listed on the Community Portal. Bot Mitzvah out!


I've edited many pages, but my pet projects are: Turanga-Fillmore Wedding, Dixie and Trixie and Francine mainly cuz I created them.

Additional Info



  • Lister: Are you trying to tell me that everybody's dead?
  • Fry: My girlfriend. I'll never see any of them again.(pause) YAHOO!
  • Dr. Miles Monroe: I go to the hospital for a routine operation, then the next day I wake up and it's 200 years later and I'm Flash Gordon!


  • Bot Mitzvah: 1101101 1100101 1101001 1110011 1000001 1100110 1001101 1111001 1110010 1100101 1100001 1101100 1101110 1100001 1101101 0100010 (ASCII)

{translation: -- -•-- •-• • •- •-•• -• •- -- • •• ••• •- -•• •- --!}